Katy Perry And John Mayer Back Together? Confused Couple Spotted In Disneyland

That’s right. Katy Perry and John Mayer appears to be back together. If their relationship wasn’t confusing enough, it looks like the couple rekindled their romance over the Memorial Day weekend. Maybe Katy thinks that John Mayer is the one who got away.

Katy Perry, 30, and John Mayer, 37, spent their weekend at Disneyland California. The couple who’s notorious for having a roller coaster relationship were photographed on a roller coaster ride, of all places. According to a report in HollywoodLife, Perry and Mayer enjoyed the park’s wild rides and dined at the Club 33 restaurant. Although the couple tried to go undercover in matching hoodies, their famous faces were quickly identified as they were photographed by fans.

In fact, a photo of John and Katy was found on the Disneyland Celeb Instagram account. This account is known for sharing photos of celebrities at the famous theme park. On the account was a photo of John and Katy eating at the ultra exclusive Club 33 restaurant.

It also included the following caption: “John Mayer was spotted entering Club 33 at Disneyland! Hopefully one of our followers caught a better picture of him!”

There was one place that Mayer opted out of. E! News reported that the often suave musician skipped Space Mountain, as Perry rode with the roller coaster with some of her gal pals. However, Perry and Mayer enjoyed Disneyland so much that they didn’t leave until midnight – the park’s closing time!

This comes after the news about Katy Perry’s recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, in which she discussed her approach to future relationship.

“What I’ve learned is that if you don’t have the foundation of self-love first, you really have nowhere to pull love from to give it away.”

“I had to learn about taking care of myself before I could take care of others. I want to mommy everyone. I want to take care of them. I want to save them, and I forget myself in the meantime. I learned that through therapy.”

The “Dark Horse” is also working on a new album, which is set for release in 2016. It’s been rumored that Katy may write a response to Taylor Swift’s single “Bad Blood.” Her arch enemy recently came out with a music video for her new single, which was inspired by their alleged feud. To make matters worse, both Katy and Taylor have infamously dated John Mayer.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry and John Mayer’s yo-yo relationship? Do you think they’ll stay together this time around?

[Image: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation]