MTV Star Maci Bookout Discusses Her New Home With Taylor McKinney

MTV star Maci Bookout may not have gotten engaged during the Teen Mom OG finale like she was hoping, but she did get a new house. As she awaited boyfriend Taylor McKinney’s “surprise,” which didn’t turn out the way she was hoping, as the Inquisitr reported, the MTV star found and bought a new family home, where she hopes to remain for the next few years — “at least.”

On May 26, during an appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment, via MTV News, the MTV star spoke of her and McKinney’s new home.

“Our house is exactly what we were looking for. Luckily, we really didn’t have to compromise too much on our wants and needs. What we got was really what we were looking for. My hopes for our future in the house is just that we don’t grow out of it too fast, we continue to like it, or love it, as much as we do now. I have a tendency to get over things really quickly, so I’m hoping I stay content with it for a few years at least.”

Early on during the season, the MTV star feuded with her boyfriend, McKinney, over where they would move and what they were willing to sacrifice. Although McKinney was ready to move quickly, Bookout didn’t want to rush into anything and end up not liking the home they bought. Thankfully, they were able to move quickly, while not having to cut corners on what they were looking for in their family home.

Bookout began seeing McKinney nearly three years ago, and the couple dated long distance for over a year before McKinney moved in with the MTV star in Chattanooga, from his hometown in Texas. Within months of McKinney moving in with Bookout, the MTV star discovered she was pregnant, and in June, she will welcome her second child, a baby girl.

As for that engagement Bookout was hoping for, McKinney appeared to be ready to commit — he even went to a jewelry store. However, as the episode continued, Bookout was left without a ring. Luckily, the pair appear to have since gotten engaged, as Bookout has been spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger for the last several weeks.

For more of MTV star Maci Bookout, tune into the Teen Mom OG reunion, airing next month. McKinney will likely be involved in the reunion show as well, as will the other boyfriends and dads.

[Photo via Twitter]