Bradley Cooper And Costar Write Hilarious Tinder Profiles For Each Other

Bradley Cooper and his most recent costar, Easy A‘s Emma Stone, may or may not have a hit with their latest movie Aloha, but they did have quite a lot of fun while filming. Cooper and his female love interest in the movie took time to create Tinder profiles for each other.

Cooper and Stone took to Tinder, the dating app where you swipe through possible love interests, to write up some seriously funny profiles.

According to People, 40-year-old Cooper went straight for his costar’s eyes.

Cooper said, “[Her] reptilian eyes take you into a kind place, soft and lovely and full of grace.”

At which point in the interview, Stone responded, “I’m a snake, he’s a lizard!”

But don’t worry, Stone was quick to add something to Cooper’s Tinder profile that was just as complimentary.

Stone said she would include in his profile, “Look at those blue [eyes]. He’s into Chinese food, but he’s equally into making you smile.”

While they may have said such lovely things about each other, according to Vanity Fair, Cooper and his leading lady “aren’t romantically linked in real life…both actors are technically single.”

So, would Cooper’s costar, the newly single Stone, ever really use Tinder?

Cooper’s costar replied that she wouldn’t try Tinder for herself but, “My friend is [on Tinder], and I’ve swiped for her…That was a good time.”

Stone and her boyfriend since 2011, Andrew Garfield, have recently decided to be “on a break due to busy schedules.”

And Bradley Cooper and his baby blues, while technically single, was “spotted kissing model Irina Shayk in London last week.”

The American Sniper star has dated a multitude of starlets and models. Cooper has previously been linked to such big names as Avatar’s Zoe Saldana, British model Suki Waterhouse, and Bridget Jones’ Renee Zellweger.

Cooper and Stone’s movie, Aloha, which is set to premiere this Friday, May 29, also stars some not so single stars such as Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, and Alec Baldwin.

And if you don’t want to wait to see Bradley Cooper, then you can catch him in Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix with Amy Poehler.

[Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair]