New ‘Twin Peaks’ Season Now Scheduled For 18 Episodes

Twin Peaks has been rescued once again, thanks to creator David Lynch coming to his senses and returning to the project. It appears that everyone is so excited to bring Twin Peaks back to life that the show is actually getting more episodes for this jumpstart than originally thought. While this project was originally expected to be a sort of test case that wouldn’t have all that many episodes, it’s now been confirmed that the new season will be shown in 18 parts.

Digital Spy reports that several members of the cast of Twin Peaks made an appearance at the Crypticon Seattle and said that the show would go twice as long as originally thought. One has to wonder if one of the factors David Lynch demanded if he returned to Twin Peaks was that he got more than a nine-episode slate.

The panel with Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn lasted a little less than an hour and while the two talked, they spilled the beans on a couple of different things as it pertains to Twin Peaks. It was the length of the season that has garnered more raised eyebrows than anything else so far this week if only because that would also make an especially long season when talking about a cable network like Showtime or HBO. While it used to be a show like Twin Peaks would automatically get 22 episodes at least, neither of the cable networks usually dish out seasons this long. Others would argue that Twin Peaks is one of those shows that simply cannot tell any kind of a story in less than 18 parts.

Of course, if ever there was a program that was weird enough that it didn’t need a ceiling or a floor when it comes to how long a season should go, it would also be Twin Peaks. The return of David Lynch to the show has certainly energized the fans of the series who have been wanting to see a conclusion to the story line first offered years ago. The fact that a number of the original cast members are going to be returning as well has only added the excitement. One has to wonder now if it can possibly live up to the hype train it has created. Just the back and forth of David Lynch and whether or not he was going to be attached to Twin Peaks when it finally hits the airwaves again has had the Internet abuzz.

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