Danica Patrick: Yoga Skills, CrossFit, And Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Organic Diet Keeps NASCAR Superstar Tuned Up

Danica Patrick is proud of her yoga skills. The flexible NASCAR superstar has been posting her poses on Instagram, and she just might revitalize yoga as the hottest new fitness trend, reported ESPN.

“Working on more shoulder and back flexibility….. Now heading ‘to the beach’ aka pool,” posted Patrick.

“This ones all about balance! Good thing my lunch was a sixstarpro protein shake! Light and does the trick!” Danica wrote for another yoga pose caption.

And the race car driver also sees the humor in an occasional misstep.

“My struggles with handstands… 1,2,3,4…5, there ya go. Kinda. I have to remember to laugh when I fall!”

For Patrick, turning to yoga is a way to provide more balance as well as release stress. In addition to yoga, Danica does CrossFit and follows a restricted diet, reported E News.

“I feel like I finally know what it’s like to work out really hard…I started doing CrossFit last year and then you add on competition on top of super intense workouts and you had me at hello. I do CrossFit as many days a week as I’m home.”

In addition to becoming a workout devotee, Danica believes that diet is an essential part of staying fit and healthy.

“Your diet is at least three-quarters of the equation. If you don’t eat right or you eat too much, then it doesn’t matter how much you work out, unless you work out like a Navy Seal, then it’s not really going to matter,” added the race car driver.

To find out exactly what to eat, Patrick had blood tests done. As a result, she learned that she should avoid certain foods.

“I eat oatmeal and I’ve recently tried a little bit more restrictive diet. I’ve had some blood tests done that showed food intolerances,” revealed Danica. “It showed don’t eat gluten and dairy and whey and yeast and eggs, and I actually did [stop] and I’ve been doing it for a couple of months and it works. It really does.”

Certain foods have become Patrick’s staples.

“Oatmeal, eggs, salads, when you’re getting away from gluten it’s more things like quinoa and potatoes and sweet potatoes…chicken, I eat steak, fish, any kind of protein.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Tim McGraw also is a believer in combining CrossFit and a restricted diet to stay healthy and fit.

“You watch what you eat a little bit and try to work out as much as you can,” advised McGraw. “Try to stay active more than anything.”

Tim said he chose CrossFit because of the variety.

“That’s one of my favorite things to do, because I have a short attention span, so I can switch exercises really quickly if I get tired of one,” explained the country crooner.

[Image Via Danica Patrick/Instagram]

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