Demi Moore Rumer Willis Sisters? Mom, Daughter Look Like Siblings In ‘Eerie’ Pic

No, you’re not seeing double; it’s Demi Moore and Rumer Willis dressed alike. And by golly; they look like sisters, right? When the DWTS winner appeared in an Instagram photo with her mom on Memorial Day, many agreed that the pair were carbon copies, citing a Daily Mail report. Some even thought the eerie image of Demi and Rumer was Photoshopped.

Willis, 26, may be half of Moore’s age, but she appeared like her mom’s doppelganger for sure in the amazing picture. The sisters, ehem, mom and daughter duo donned black jumpers and matching Demi-esque glasses. They also wore their coral black hair loose and topped it off with a charming smile. And by the way, they went makeup-free.

On Moore’s Twitter account, she captioned the snap with “Bookends!! #twinning.” Rumer followed suit on her social media account and shared her own caption.

“That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad.”

Rumer and Demi’s “sisters” Instagram comes on the heels of the soul singer’s Dancing With the Stars season victory. Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy have been riding a high in wake of their win last week. The pair has been doing the television circuit and spending time enjoying the moment.

The joy in Demi’s oldest daughter’s life is a rather new experience in her life; happiness has eluded Rumer in the past. The “sisters” photo was arguably her turning point about self-esteem. She’s tried for years to measure up to her popular mom. Today, she credits her for supporting her through the ups and downs. Rumer sat down recently with Us Magazine and spoke about her person struggles while growing up from a teenager to a woman.

“I compared myself to her. I would go, ‘My mom wears smaller jeans than me! Oh, God. Maybe I’m not skinny enough.’ Every girl looks up to her mother, but my mom was larger-than-life and I felt I could never be like her. I just didn’t feel like we were even the same caliber.”

Rumer, like many other teens and young adults, battled with the toxic fallout inherent in social media. She had to contend with nasty comments about her body image and lifestyle. Her new “sister” Demi, was always there to guide her through the confusion.

“I didn’t know how to ask for help. My mom would sometimes see what was happening and her advice was, ‘Don’t let that infect you. People are going to have opinions. You don’t have to make them yours.’ “Every time I went out in public and was photographed, people had something to say about how I looked. The worse things I read were that I looked like a man, or simply that I was ugly. Any time I looked good, a story would say I had plastic surgery. Because God forbid I just looked good being me!”

Rumer’s sister mom was a fixture on the ballroom dancing show. Demi was her biggest superfan.

“I think my mom has turned into, and I say this in the best way, the most amazing dance mom I have ever seen.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]