Maroon 5’s ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’ Confusing Lyrics Won’t Stop Its Airplay On Pop Radio

Maroon 5

It’s been a few weeks since Maroon 5 dropped its new song, “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt,” and the song is already creating its share of headlines. It’s quickly becoming the song of the summer with its super-appropriate title.

Maroon 5 performed the song a week ago on the Season 8 finale of The Voice. A week before Maroon 5 performed the song live for the first time, they released “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” to the airwaves, iTunes, and Google Play. The band’s new tune is obviously catchy, but the lyrics are a bit confusing for some fans.

So what is Maroon 5’s new song about? This review from Bustle will give you an accurate description.

” ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’ tells the classic tale of a boy who is captivated by a beguiling, beautiful young woman he sees partying and gallavanting around town. He is entranced by her, absolutely enthralled by her beauty. But, at the same time, he realizes that she is a superficial girl who is only concerned with the material things in life. Much to his chagrin, she’s also not very intelligent and this becomes a problem for the protagonist of our littler story here. He knows he has no future with her but he can’t resist her. What’s a guy to do?”

It’s obviously a song about a pretty girl with a bad habit for shopping and taking drugs. He finally realizes that the girl is bad for him because she’s going to cost him money with her expensive habits. It also doesn’t help that she’s not too bright, either. The girl also comes off as carefree, even though she gets a little desperate sometimes, and that can be a turn off for him.

There’s another reason why “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is already making headlines. It’s already bugging some listeners since it’s been playing on the radio so much, much like Maroon 5’s other singles. It could be a hot contender for the “Song of the Summer,” thanks to its track title.

What makes a song the song of the summer, you ask? Sean Ross, Vice President of Edison Research, explained the factors behind a song’s success.

“You’re looking for a song that will stand out. There are a lot of songs that will be radio fodder, and there won’t be any greater cultural significance to them. You’re looking for the songs that spread to everybody — people who listen to the radio and people who just happen to hear them in public.”

It helps that Maroon 5’s “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” is already a Top 25 hit on pop radio. It already has received over 4,000 pop radio spins during the May 17-23 week. That gave it the No. 22 spot on the Mediabase‘s official pop radio airplay chart.

It’s not just doing well on pop radio. “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” also reached the Top 25 hot adult contemporary station. It jumped to No. 23 after debuting at No. 44 last week, and it received over 1,000 track spins.

What are your thoughts on Maroon 5’s “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt?” Do you think it’s the song of the summer? Do you find the lyrics confusing? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]