Man Loses 180 Pounds: Army Hopeful Preps For Basic Training, Loses Weight To ‘Be Like Dad’

A man loses 180 pounds so that he can join the army and be like his dad, and his story has now gone viral.

According to People Magazine, 20-year-old Jesse Milbrat was determined to qualify for the U.S. army, so he started working out and eating healthier in order to lose weight to do so. The Oregon native reached his goal, and will be traveling to Fort Benning, Georgia, for basic training beginning June 1.

“I wanted to be like my dad and defend my country. For me, the path was a little harder than it is for most people, but I made sure I did it. He inspired me. I wanted to grow up to be like him.”

The man who lost 180 pounds to join the army weighed 380 pounds in 2012, when he was contacted by a recruiter. He was 180 pounds over the limit (200 pounds) for his height (6’1″) and age. He told his recruiter that he was going to do it “on his own,” and that he was determined to follow in his dad’s footsteps no matter what. His recruiter has said that Jesse’s motivation and his “good personality” are the keys to what gave him such great success.

“I had to do something about that. knew it would be hard. I was in the habit of eating. I always wanted to eat. I had to be like my dad. That was my dream. I knew I wouldn’t achieve my dream being heavy. I knew I would have to try.”

Jesse’s dad, Todd, earned his Ranger tab and served in Desert Storm. According to the Army Times, Jesse is planning to have a 20-year career in the army. He will be a cavalry scout, and perform a lot of reconnaissance. He said that later on he may want to be a lineman, or do electrician work.

But first, he must start at the beginning.

“He will attend advanced individual training as a 19D cavalry scout.”

And it looks like Jesse has a ton of support.

This story was quite fitting for Memorial Day. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 1.5 million is the approximate number of service men and women that have died in the line of duty, all of whom are remembered on this day each year.

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