Gwyneth Paltrow Starts Gluten-Free ‘3 Green Hearts’ Ready-Made Meals, Battles Plastic Surgery Rumors

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her over-the-top healthy eating habits and luxurious Goop newsletters. Now, Paltrow is making the news for launching a new food line with her famous trainer, Tracy Anderson. As reported by People Magazine‎, the new line of food will be called 3 Green Hearts.

Lest you go looking for the gluten-free food in your local grocery store, you might not find Paltrow’s healthy line of food therein. Tracy has related to Hamptons Magazine that the 3 Green Hearts fare will feature organic meals that folks can take with them in a portable fashion, but only if they are willing to visit one of her two Hamptons fitness studios in order to get them.

“We will have the space in the East Hampton location to be able to launch it all, including 3 Green Hearts, which I’m really excited about because, along the journey, we’ve always understood how important it is to our bodies; it’s a complete marriage with the fitness. As people become more aware of organic foods, the importance of eating things that are whole and nutritious… That’s really what we’re going to start with 3 Green Hearts.”

The Paltrow line of gluten-free food will also include business partner Maria Baum joining the venture with Gwyneth and Tracy, reports the Daily Mail‎.

Beyond launching her new 3 Green Hearts food line, which can’t be found yet online, Gwyneth has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. As reported by InTouch Weekly, the fresh appearance of 42-year-old Paltrow has caused certain cosmetic surgery experts to pontificate that the Iron Man star has had Botox and/or Restylane injections. The Restylane and Botox injections would be responsible for any smoother looking skin.

As far as Paltrow’s youthful appearance, skin expert Zara Harutyunyan estimates that Gwyneth may have had her cheeks plumped up with dermal fillers. Either Juvederm Voluma XC or other fillers could be responsible for Gwyneth’s fresh-faced look that makes Paltrow appear younger than her more-than-four decades on Earth.

As reported by the Inquisitr, lip fillers became a popular topic in the news recently when Kylie Jenner admitted to getting the temporary injections in her lips in order to plump them up. It’s an insecurity that Jenner said she’s had ever since she was a young girl. Paltrow, however, has not admitted to having any plastic surgery yet.

However, her new organic 3 Green Hearts food line might end up being the kind of healthy hit that forces Paltrow’s food to grow across the land.

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