‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: How Far Does Ben Zorn Make It With Kaitlyn Bristowe?

Who is The Bachelorette 2015 contestant Ben Zorn, and how far does he make it with Kaitlyn Bristowe? The hunky personal trainer is off to a good start, snagging the first group date rose on Episode 2 (May 25) and a one-on-one date on Episode 3 (June 1).

Not only does Ben win big points with Kaitlyn early on, he also gets kudos from host Chris Harrison, who tells Yahoo TV that the 26-year-old personal trainer is a “sweet, good man who has a big heart.”

“One of his big stories is the untimely death of his mom and how it affected him… that’s a story you will see play out throughout the show… I guess he was a big guy, upwards of 300 pounds, and after his mom’s death shook him up, he got his life and health in order. He has such a good perspective on life and I think audiences will fall in love with him.”

When Ben was cast for the Bachelorette, it appears that he took the role seriously. Before he left to film the show, he posted a long “goodbye message on his Zorn Fitness Facebook page.

“Good Luck to everyone starting this new session!! You are going to do great! Can’t wait to come back and see all the progress you’ve made. This is your journey, how far will you go?”

On Monday night (Episode 2), Ben will compete in the boxing ring against eight other contestants on the first group date of the season. According to Reality Steve, Zorn wins round one, two, the championship round, and the coveted group date rose. Needless to say, his career in fitness paid off in the ring.

Ben also makes it through Episode 3 after a successful one-on-one date with Kaitlyn. After a date that is based on the Fear Factor show, Ben is given a rose and the opportunity to move forward to Episode 4, filmed in New York City.

Things go well for Ben until he gets to Dublin, Ireland, with Kaitlyn and her remaining guys. After making it through a group date on both Episodes 4 and 5, Reality Steve reports that Ben was eliminated at the rose ceremony in Ireland on Episode 6.

It is not known if Ben Zorn will just head back to his job a personal trainer at Diesel Fueled Fitness and ClubSport, or if he will join the cast on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. For now, fans can enjoy watching him until his departure from the show on Episode 6 (June 22).

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[Image: Ben Zorn/Facebook]