Porsche Owner Takes $150K Car For Repairs, Mechanics Make Shocking, But Hilarious Alteration

Gregory Wakeman

One unlucky Porsche owner had an almighty shock when his car was returned to him after he'd sent it to the mechanic to be repaired.

After he'd been on the wrong end of a crash, the motorist decided to send his car to his local mechanic. However, even though they did a sterling job repairing the damage to his $150,000 car they made an horrendous error when they added the individual letters to spell "Porsche" back to the car.

Check out how they spelled the make of the car in the Tweet below.

— Ollie Martin (@OllieDjMartin) May 20, 2015

However this innocent mistake to the Porsche is far from the worst thing to have happened to a Porsche over the last few days. On May 13 the Inquisitr reported that a man from Thailand was caught having sexual intercourse with a Porsche Boxer.

This was only a day after a Brazilian had been caught doing the exact same perverted action to a VW Polo. But this all pales in comparison to 62-year-old Edward Smith, who revealed back in October of 2013 that he'd had sex with over 1,000 cars and vehicles, which even saw him have sex with a helicopter.

[Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images]