Judge Judy’s Commencement Speech For Shiprock 2015 Graduates Is A Tear-Jerker

Judge Judy’s commencement speech was a little different from what she usually says in front of a crowd, but it was just as meaningful. Normally, the honorable Judge Judy Sheindlin delivers her brand of verdict and wisdom before a courtroom, but this was the Shiprock 2015 graduating class.

One example of a case involving the famous female judge was when a woman who appeared on her show was arrested on her way home. Melissa Perez had stolen an iPad and ended up back in court in front of a less famous judge, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

There was no verdict to be given before Albuquerque’s Shiprock High School, only words to live by.

It all started when Judge Judy posted a contest on Facebook for high school seniors, and the winner was granted Judge Judy’s commencement speech in person at their school. Alexus Uentillie contributed the winning essay, and the TV judge kept her word, even though it meant flying from her home in Connecticut across the nation to New Mexico.

As the crowd filled the Chieftain Pit for their 2015 graduation ceremony, Uentillie went before the audience and announced what they had in store.

“I believed my class deserved to have (Judge Judy) as a speaker. I believed that my community deserved to have her as a speaker. I didn’t think I would win, but I did, and I’m so proud because my essay was about my peers, my school and my community.”

Then came Judge Judy and her commencement address with advice for the young crowd before her.

“Number one – and I want you to emblaze this on your brain – you only have one chance to make a first impression. A combination of tenacity and luck brought me here today. I was an unremarkable student with passable looks and a direct personality. Nothing in my early childhood suggested to anyone – except maybe my father – that one day I would be standing here and be known simply as Judge Judy.”

“There are only [two] things guaranteed in your life, your entrance and your exit. In between is the journey and my wish for all of you is that your journey be a walk in beauty. May you all walk in beauty. Congratulations!”

The message was short but powerful, and Judge Judy stayed true to her promise despite the distance. Immediately after the ceremony, she flew back to Connecticut to catch her granddaughter’s graduation.

What did you think of Judge Judy’s commencement address?

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