Why Charli XCX Would ‘Love To’ Write Music For Justin Bieber

Apparently, not everyone hates Justin Bieber… just close to everyone. In a recent article, British pop singer Charli XCX told Billboard.com she would “love to write for” Justin Beiber. Charli, who is behind such hits as “Fancy” and “Break The Rules,” told the site she admires Bieber’s music and mentioned that she thinks he’s a pretty cool person as well.

“I like Justin Bieber as a pop star,” Charli XCX told Billboard at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. “I think he’s really, really great. I really love the song ‘Baby.’ I think it’s awesome.”

If you don’t recognize her name, Charli is the songwriter behind Icona Pop’s rage-tastic dance song “I Love It” as well as composing and singing parts in the songs “Fancy” (featuring Iggy Azalea) and “Boom Clap.” Her song “Boom Clap” was also featured on the soundtrack for the movie The Fault in Our Stars.

Charli might want to check with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, before she starts to collaborate with the controversial pop star. After reports that Miss Gomez was literally losing sleep over her former boyfriend, we can’t exactly say she’s 100 percent over Bieber just yet (presumably Selena’s new song “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is about Bieber).

Any possible objections from Selena Gomez aside, it would be interesting to see how a Charli/Bieber collaboration would go seeing as how Bieber seems to be leaning away from pop (Charli’s mainstay) and more towards dubstep and electronica music (chances are songs like “London Queen” are probably not Bieber’s speed).

For the time being, though, Charli might be too busy for a collaboration. Word on the street is that she recently teamed up with Nile Rodgers to help launch MixRadio, a new music streaming service that will presumably give Spotify and Jay Z’s Tidal a run for their money. As more and more artists become worried about getting fair pay (or any pay, for that matter) when their songs are streamed, it’s possible they could turn away from Spotify and towards businesses like MixRadio and Tidal that are run by fellow artists.

Whatever the case, a collaboration between Justin and Charli would be pretty cool. Both have years of singing experience, and each already has their own fan following. If Charli ever does get to work with her idol, they could produce a pretty popular song together (and let’s face it, Bieber’s fanboys and girls will snatch up every copy they can just because it has his name on it). What are your thoughts about Bieber and Charli XCX working together if it were to happen? Do you have any specific artists you’d like to see collaborate in the future?

[Image Credit: Ian Gavan, Getty Images]