Ariana Grande Moves On From Big Sean Breakup With New Hairstyle

Ariana Grande is moving on from her breakup with Big Sean. And her method of doing so can be described in one word: “bunty.”

The “One More Time” singer took to Instagram to show off her new hairstyle, which brings back her retro-ponytailed look. This was more than just a coincidence, according to Master Herald who feels Grande’s choice of hairstyle reflects her need to get over her breakup with Big Sean.

“It may be a sign that she’s moving on from her split with former boyfriend Big Sean last month but Ariana Grande is bringing back her old hairstyles of yesteryears.”

Ariana Grande Moves ON From Big Sean With New HAirstyle

The site then details the many facets of Ariana’s choice of hairdos inflecting how each could be representing her nostalgic mindset these days.

“In the first week of May, the songstress brought back her blonde ponytail hairstyle to sort of tell everyone that summer can already start and that she was feeling nostalgic about her past but very popular hairstyle.”

But a recent photo or her also indicates that it is not just the blonde ponytail hairstyle that she is bringing back but also her use of a bow on her hair.”

Whether or not this insight into Ariana Grande is true, it can only be imaginable that any breakup must be difficult to deal with whether you’re a normal girl or a pop sensation currently on tour across the nation. However, Hollywood Life is reporting that Ari’s breakup with Big Sean may not have been as devastating as it could have been simply because Grande was the driving force behind it.

“He’s really angry because when he broke up with Ariana, she didn’t put up a fight,” their insider revealed. “She pretty much told Big Sean that she’s the one who wanted to break up.”

The source continued, “He’s also pissed off that she’s seemingly already over him.”

Regardless, it does appear Ariana has moved on from Big Sean. The next question invariably becomes, “who is she moving on with?” One rumor that has persisted, is that her ex, Wanted singer Nathan Sykes is back in the picture.

In a recent interview with Wonderwall, Sykes claimed he and Ariana were still “very close” and that the pair “talk all the time.” But most recently, as reported by Inquistr, Grande’s people quickly shot that rumor down claiming they hardly talk at all anymore.

[Ariana Grande photo credit by: Larry Marano / Getty Images]