‘Game Of Thrones’ Will Air On Memorial Day Weekend

It may be Memorial Day weekend, but fans will not have to wait an extra week to see Game of Thrones. A new episode will air at the usual time on Sunday night, giving people something to look forward to.

The show has faced a lot of criticism over the last week. Game of Thrones fans were outraged at the change to Sansa Stark’s storyline, which led to her being raped on her wedding night. The most shocking and infuriating moment for some viewers was that it seems to be Theon’s moment to decide to redeem himself. People have complained that demeaning a woman is the crutch to redeem a man. However, International Business Times reports that some people will still watch in hope that it is setting Sansa up to be a stronger character. This could be the moment she realizes that she needs to kill all Boltons and become Queen of the North.

Another storyline that has brought a lot of criticism to Game of Thrones is the one involving Dorne. The Sand Snakes are letting down the forward-thinking country, which is all about women empowerment in the books.

Game of Thrones has certainly taken a step away from the books in many parts. Sansa’s storyline has completely changed, with her current situation actually being forced on her childhood friend who pretends to be Arya. The Sand Snakes storyline is another added specifically for the TV show.

Moving away from the books has been important for the show. First of all, it will avoid giving away the answers in the books since the show will likely overtake them. Second of all, it creates interesting and nail-biting plots for the book lovers, who have so far expected everything that has happened to work out in the same way.

While fans will have to wait until Sunday for a new episode, they have not had to wait too long to see some of the cast get together. Forbes reports that Coldplay created a musical version of the show with Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie, Alfie Allen, Iwan Rheon, Emilia Clarke, and more getting involved. The parody was all for the first American Red Nose Day and went down well with the fans. Liam Neeson also appeared for a voiceover to tell the tale of how everything was going for the team.

The real storyline will pick up again on Sunday, and after that there are just three episodes left of Season 5. Game of Thrones Season 6 is currently in the preparation stage, but anything could happen before then.

[Photo from Coldplay Official]