Test Your Wits Against Hidden Easter Eggs In ‘Toy Story,’ ‘Monsters Inc.,’ And More Pixar Films: Pixar Releases Official Secrets Video

Fans of Pixar favorites like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc., to name a few, have spent years in the dark trying to locate and figure out hidden treasures Pixar subtly placed in their films.

This month, Hollywood Life reports that Pixar finally lifts the veil and admits that they have been deliberately placing Easter Eggs inside their films such as Toy Story, Brave, Cars, and even the classic A Bug’s Life. Pixar even released an official video showing the “hidden mickeys” they have placed in their movies.

The video shows 12 hidden Easter Eggs spotted in Pixar movies Finding Nemo, Up, and Toy Story, among others. Although, of course, hardcore fans would likely spot more secrets hidden in more movies.

Some have been easily spotted by meticulous Toy Story fans like Lot’s O’ Huggin Bear — more not-so-fondly called as Lotso in Toy Story 3 — appearing as a harmless little bear in Up; Or Jessie from Toy Story 2 in Monsters Inc. For others that were not as conspicuous as these Toy Story references, Pixar reveals them all.

The big blue Sully from Monster Inc. could actually be spotted in the movie Brave, where he appears as a wood carving. Not a lot of Pixar fans saw this but Sully’s head was actually quite spot on.

Pixar reveals easter eggs Sully appearing in Brave
Pixar reveals easter eggs Sully appearing in Brave

Merida, the crazy-haired princess from Brave, also appeared in Cars — although as a wall deco. The royal family appears as a sneaky wall homage that was actually quite artsy. Also spotted in Cars, another quite amusing Easter Egg is a parody of Ratatouille’s Guesteau’s Restaurant, called Gastow’s. One look at the screenshots and no doubt, Gastow’s was a pretty brilliant takeoff.

Pixar reveals easter egg Gusteaus parody in Cars
Pixar reveals easter egg Gusteaus parody in Cars

The bold Lightning McQueen, famous character from the movie Cars, appears inconspicuously in the well-loved Toy Story 3. The crazy nursery scene from Toy Story 3 saw a very familiar red car with a yellow lightning bolt — that’s definitely Lightning right there.

Another hard-to-spot Easter Egg was the red scooter that was used in Ratatouille, spotted as an already-dilapidated heap of metal in Wall-E. Although a comment from the Movie Pilot asserts that it was a different scooter, since there were no mirrors in the Ratatouille scooter as opposed to the one found in Wall-E.

Pixar reveals easter egg scooter from Ratatouille in Wall-E
Pixar reveals easter egg scooter from Ratatouille in Wall-E

Who would’ve missed the sneaky cameo of The Incredibles’ Bob Parr in Finding Nemo? Bob could actually be seen as the cover of a comic being read in Finding Nemo.

Two for two for Monsters Inc., a pretty well-known Easter Egg was Nemo appearing as Boo’s toy in the movie. Lovable cowgirl Jessie from Toy Story 2 also appears as Boo’s discarded toy. Toy Story’s Andy would definitely find this abominable, discarding Jessie like that!

Pixar reveals easter egg Jessie in Monsters Inc

Continuing onto more Toy Story references, the Pizza Planet van from Toy Story will later be spotted sitting outside a trailer in A Bug’s Life. It was an Easter Egg very well hidden as a number of Toy Story and A Bug’s Life fans would admit they did not see this. Consequently, characters from A Bug’s Life, Heimlich and Flik, also appears in Al’s Toy Barn in Toy Story 3.

With news that Toy Story 4 and Finding Nemo sequel entitled Finding Dory are on their way to the big screen, Pixar fans are excited to locate more hidden cameos. For more Easter Egg revelations, check out Pixar’s video below.

[Images snapshots of Pixar’s Hidden Easter Eggs & Secrets Video]