Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Happy Together No Matter What Reports Say

New reports are claiming that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are already having trouble in paradise. It has fans wondering if the DJ is already cheating on the “Bad Blood” singer.

It all started with a report in OK! Magazine who caught Harris with a mystery brunette at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He was spotted getting into a vehicle with the beauty a day before the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. This very photo caused rumors to swirl that Harris is already cheating on Swift with another brunette model. Another report in OK! Magazine also claimed that Swift confronted Harris about the cheating allegations.

Both sources close to Taylor and Calvin have claimed that the reports are false. One of the singer’s close friends has denied the cheating allegations to Fashion & Style Magazine. The friend claims that the reports are “nonsense” and that Taylor and Calvin are as happy as they appeared at the Billboard Music Awards. However, that hasn’t stopped other reports from talking about the cheating rumors.

So, how happy are Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift? They’re so happy that they’re willing to make their long distance relationship work. Harris plans to visit Swift as much as possible as she travels on her 1989 World Tour, according to an exclusive HollywoodLife report.

“As much as Calvin is busy with his own career, he has major leeway because he usually performs on the weekends, which allows him to travel a lot. And he intends to do that in order to be with Taylor as much as possible.”

Taylor and Calvin are very aware of their hectic schedules, but they’re not letting that stop them. They’re going through great lengths to keep their relationship going through Taylor’s big world tour.

“Calvin is going to make a very big effort to be with her more during her tour. They both want to figure out an arrangement and they are very confident that it will happen and benefit them both and their relationship!”

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris made their relationship official when they sat together at the BBMAs on Sunday night. They even sealed their relationship with a kiss on national TV, even though Calvin was not fond of PDA at first.

“They were touchy feely during the start of the night but once the cameras were all in their faces they didn’t want to take away from the show so they settled it down a bit. But they really are very happy with each other. They are not going to deny each other PDA, especially Calvin. He really likes her and she definitely wears the pants on the relationship. He is trying to ease her into a PDA relationship, its coming slower on her end but she is adapting to it all! Calvin loves that its public!”

It’s good to know that the musicians are doing well. It’s been reported that Swift and Harris are even working on a new song together. What are your thoughts on the cheating rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? Do you believe the reports?

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]