How Kylie Jenner And Vanessa Hudgens Are Helping Selena Gomez Deal With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is getting a little help from her friends when it comes to dealing with Justin Bieber. Selena’s BFFs Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens have been helping the entertainer cope with her yo-yo relationship with the Biebs in different ways.

Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner are now friends again. The two were spotted on a road trip to Napa Valley, as previously reported via the Inquisitr. Now it’s been found out that Gomez, 22, is using Jenner, 17, to get some information about her ex, an alleged source told HollywoodLife.

“She’s using Kylie to find out what’s going on with Justin. Being friends with his friends is the best way to stay in the loop with him.”

What will Kylie Jenner benefit from this? Well, for starters, she gets a jump start on her music career. That’s right, Selena is willing to be Kylie’s mentor, according to another HollywoodLife report.

It’s all part of Kris Jenner’s plans to get the girls back together. She believes that Gomez is the best person for the youngest Jenner sister to look up to.

“[Kris] wants Selena to encourage Kylie’s passion for music and help guide her in her music career. To be her mentor.”

That’s not all that Kris wants though. She also reportedly wants Selena to convince Kylie to leave Tyga for good!

“Kris wants Selena to convince Kylie to dump Tyga. Kris told Selena that she’s worried about Kylie and where her relationship with Tyga is headed. Kris also told Selena that Kylie looks up to her, so she will hopefully take her advice to slow things down with Tyga and to remember that she’s young and has so many options — in other words, dump Tyga!”

Meanwhile, Vanessa Hudgens is trying help Selena Gomez deal with Justin Bieber in the best way possible. The actress stopped by Watch What Happens Live to chat with Andy Cohen about what happened between Gomez and Bieber at the 2015 Met Gala. It all started when Cohen asked Hudgens, 26, if she helped Gomez get her mind off the Biebs that night.

“Is it true that you helped Selena Gomez avoid Justin Bieber at the Met Ball?”

Vanessa blushed when the host asked the question.

“Ooh! Getting spicy now, aren’t we?”

Andy insisted on asking the question, so she had no choice but to answer.

“She’s one of my best friends, and you just want to have your girlfriend’s back. So that’s what I did.”

Does that mean baby V was trying to get Sel to avoid Justin all night?

“We didn’t like try to avoid him or anything, but I mean, no one really wants to see their ex-boyfriend. We had a lot of fun. I sat with Janelle Monae and Bangs – just incredible artists who are the most beautiful kindred spirits. Just amazing souls. I was so happy.”

Gomez did manage to run into Bieber at Rihanna’s after party at the Up & Down club in New York City. An alleged source told E! News that Gomez and Bieber “exchanged some words” but kept their distance for most of the night. The source also noted that Bieber spent most of the time dancing with his friends and with rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

Even with a little help from her friends, it seems like Selena Gomez will never get over Justin Bieber. What are your thoughts? Share them below in the comments section.

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]