Rob Fischer, Lee Radder: OC Attorney, Fatal Shooting Death Of Entrepreneur Focus Of Tonight’s ‘Dateline NBC’

The Rob Fischer-Lee Radder death case is the focus of tonight’s Dateline NBC. The episode entitled In “The Dead Of Night” originally aired in 2014. Lee Radder’s death made headlines in 2010 after he was shot to death in his home in Arizona. His stepfather-in-law, Robert Douglas Fischer, an ex-cop turned attorney, was arrested for second-degree murder in the case in 2012. In 2014, a judge dismissed the case, and Rob Fischer was allowed to go free, according to OC Weekly.

When police were called to the 20300 block of Via De Colina on the night of December 30, 2010, they found the body of a white male with a gunshot wound to the eye. That man was immediately identified as 49-year old Norman Lee Radder, an entrepreneur.

The caller had told 911 dispatchers that Radder had shot himself. At first, it looked like his death could have been a possible suicide, but the investigation led police to believe that Rob Fischer killed his step-son-in law. What started out as a day with grandpa Fischer for Belinda Radder’s children, turned out to be a nightmare for the victim and his family. Belinda Radder claims that she didn’t know what happened. Rob Fischer also appeared to be out of it when police arrived at the scene that night. Both Belinda Radder and her step-father, Rob Fischer, admitted that they had engaged in a night of heavy drinking after they had dinner.

The case baffled detectives and left community members stunned. No one believed for one minute that Norman Lee Radder’s death was the result of a suicide. People who knew Rob Fischer described him as a cold guy who often drank heavily. Even in the weeks after Lee Radder’s death, co-workers of Rob Fischer say he returned to work and acted if nothing had happened. He even explained to one co-worker that he enjoyed his trip so much that he stayed an extra week. They had no idea what the truth was until Fischer was arrested and indicted for second-degree murder.

And as for Lee Radder’s wife, Belinda, many people believe that she knows exactly what happened, and that she should have been indicted for murder. Now, with no one serving time for Radder’s death, it seems that receiving justice is a distant hope since the judge has dismissed the case against Robert Douglas Fischer.

For now, all Lee Radar’s loved ones can do is remember his beautiful smile as they wait on a decision from the Arizona Court of Appeals. A Facebook page entitled “Friends Of Lee Radder” helps to keep family and friends updated about the case, and to share their greatest memories of Lee. Here is one message posted to the page from Radder’s mother.

“Made it through another Christmas without a phone call from you. Still have your message from 2 years ago. Keeps me going. When overly sad, I listen to your voice. Miss you sooo much. Say hello to everyone up there with you. Watch over your girls in Arizona since we have lost all contact with them. Love and Miss you very much………”

Be sure to turn the channel to Dateline NBC at 9/8c to follow the fatal shooting investigation and find out what happened that night. Here is the tease for tonight’s episode.

“A retired police officer’s family visit over the holidays ends in tragedy when his son-in-law is found dead on the kitchen floor. Was it suicide or murder?”

[Photo Credit: Facebook]