Coco Austin Hits Andy Cohen In The Face With Her Butt [Video]

Coco Austin is a dancer, a model and has been married to Ice-T, the famous gangsta rapper, for more than 10 years. She is also known for her ridiculously popular reality series “Ice Loves Coco”. It also seems as if she is really well known for her looks. A quick Google search of photos of her have none wearing more than a bikini.

The 33 year old has no problem showing off the goods when it comes down to it As she admitted on “Watch What Happens: Live”, she’s an exhibitionist. In fact, during “Plead the Fifth,” Andy Cohen asked her what her shyest body part was and she laughingly said,

“I don’t have a shy part. No, I’m an exhibitionist!”

To make matters worse when she walked into the show, host Andy Cohen tried to get a close up shot of his face with her now famous tush. She winded around and smacked him in the face with it a few times. Once he was there, she suggested she punch her butt into his face. How do you say no to such a request?

Coco Austin has also made it a point to be an open book about her life with Ice-T also. She was asked by Cohen where the most public place they had sex was and she replied that her and Ice had done the nasty while he was driving his car. So all you drivers out there if you look over and see Ice-T and Coco Austin in a car follow for a few minutes and your commute may improve.

Watch a video of Coco Austin with The Hangover’s Kim Lee,

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