Joe Giudice’s Alleged Mistress’ Financial Woes Revealed

Joe Giudice’s alleged mistress, Samary Graulau, appears to have something in common with the Real Housewives of New Jersey star — her financial troubles. According to a May 22 report by Radar Online, Graulau has been plagued with money woes since 2011.

In May of that year, court records obtained by Radar reveal that Capital One Bank took Graulau to court and were awarded a $795 judgment. One year later, Portfolio Recovery Associates, a debt collection agency, filed a suit against her and received a judgment of $774. Then, in August 2013, history repeated itself once more when Asset Acceptance was granted a $1,062 judgment against her.

Nowadays, Graulau, much like Joe Giudice, has put her past financial troubles behind her and is focused on her future. Currently, she’s working at Breathless Gentleman’s Club in Rahway, New Jersey, as a bartender.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joe Giudice was in talks to star in his own spinoff, which would follow him and his four daughters as they attempted to navigate through life as their wife and mother, Teresa, was behind bars. However, earlier this week, a source told Radar Online the show had already been canceled.

According to the report, Joe Giudice’s demands for a large payday turned off producers.

“Bravo killed the show because [Joe Giudice] wanted too much money. He won’t be getting a spinoff after all. A show with [Joe Giudice] taking the girls to school just wasn’t worth it.”

Also not helping his case was the fact that Teresa’s lawyer wouldn’t allow her to record phone conversations with Joe Giudice and the girls from behind bars.

“Teresa’s lawyer didn’t want to anger prison officials and jeopardize her December release.”

Although it was previously reported that Joe Giudice’s wife would return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey at some point after her prison release, things have since reportedly changed. According to the latest report, via Real Mr. Housewife, producers have grown concerned over how Teresa’s probation will affect the series.

“Conversations have swirled about [Bravo producers]’s fear that she will be a mellowed out Teresa. There will be no more over the top behavior, no more table flipping… Basically, she’s lost her aggressive behavior, her over the top lifestyle, and will ultimately lose her husband to the federal prison system- it simply won’t be the same Teresa.”

Joe Giudice will enter a 41-month prison term when Teresa is released later this year.

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