The Hillywood Show Tells ‘Supernatural’ Fans To ‘Shake It Off’ After The Season 10 Finale [Video]

Supernatural fans who are still reeling after the season 10 finale have been told to “shake it off” by The Hillywood Show. The team behind the Twilight parodies and The Vampire Diaries parody got together to put together a Supernatural parody, inviting the cast of the show to cameo in the seven minute video.

Along with cameo appearances, there were two specific cast members who came along to star as characters from Supernatural. Osric Chau made an appearance as Sam Winchester, while Rob Benedict appeared as Cain.

Hilly and Hannah Hindi are just two young girls who wanted to use their talents to put smiles on people’s faces. They started with their own show called The Hillywood Show, but moved onto offering parodies of hot movies and TV shows. Due to these parodies, they gained a large following and fans started requesting the next parodies. Supernatural was one of the most highly requested ones, and The Hillywood Show finally agreed that it was one to do.

The girls shared updates regularly throughout filming and editing, with teasers and fun facts on the set. However, there were a lot of details that were left unshared, including the song choice. While some fans would have wanted a classic rock song—such as “Carry On My Wayward Son,” which is the unofficial anthem for the show—the girls decided to go for “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, changing the lyrics to suit the story told through the characters. With season 10 being so focused on the Mark of Cain, the main focus is on Dean Winchester and how he can only shake off the effects the Mark of Cain is having on him. Entertainment Weekly says that it sums up the storyline perfectly.

One of the biggest details left unshared was the appearances from the Supernatural cast. Timothy Osmundson, Richard Speight Jr. and Samantha Smith were among the first to appear, leading fans to hope that other big names would appear. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, who play Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Castiel on the show, made their appearances at the end, dancing enthusiastically throughout. The only ones really missing that fans would have liked to see were Jim Beaver, Felicia Day, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Mark Sheppard, who all play beloved characters on Supernatural.

According to People, there were a number of fan favorite moments throughout the video, including Dean using his leg as an air guitar. This was done during a gag reel moment by Ackles during the filming of season four, when he lip-synced to Eye of the Tiger.

[Photo by The Hillywood Show]

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