WWE News: Roman Reigns And Dean Ambrose Are WWE’s Lead Candidates To Win Money In The Bank

WWE Superstars Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have done relatively well this past year. Ambrose had a nice losing streak going before he was part of a big WrestleMania 31 ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. He lost, but looked good doing it. From there he has taken off like a rocket ship. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns was on a roll all the way up until WrestleMania… but also lost. He has since had interesting matches and rivalries.

Both men are up and coming, and one of the best ways to help stars like this is to put them in a Money in the Bank ladder match, where the winner pulls down a briefcase that has a contract in it for a WWE World Heavyweight Title shot at any point the winner chooses to cash it in. People such as John Cena, Jeff Hardy, and Chris Jericho have been cashed in on in the past and each time the crowd went nuts for a new champ.

Now, either Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose could very well win the case and be part of history. According to Cageside Seats, both men are the leading candidates to win the case. The Inquisitr reported a while back that WWE was heavily considering Dean Ambrose then, so it is thought that, if they are still discussing it, that is a good thing. Roman Reigns being added to this is not surprising at all, but there is a strong chance he will be in the match but not win it.

Shield angry

Many feel that WWE can put Roman Reigns in a WWE World Heavyweight Title match at any point, whereas Dean Ambrose would have to pretty much force his way in. Like we saw this past week, it took Ambrose threatening to end Seth Rollins’ career before The Authority granted him a match for the title.

Most would find it apropos if Dean Ambrose won and cashed in on his former Shield brother Seth Rollins. It would allow for Ambrose to get some payback. What happens when a lunatic has a case that can decide the fate of the WWE World Heavyweight Title at any moment? There are so many possibilities with Ambrose and the MITB briefcase. The comedy and drama behind it all would be fun to say the very least.

Plus, all winners get a push. It doesn’t matter what they were doing before they had the case, each who have owned it were pushed quite well. This was mainly due to WWE believing that the person holding it needed to be marketed enough so that when they did cash in, they would be marketable as champion. Clearly Dean Ambrose is more than worthy of a push. If giving him the case does that, I don’t think anyone would protest. On top of that, it almost guarantees him a WWE World Heavyweight Title reign. In the end, that could be big.

If Roman Reigns wins, while many fans will be disappointed by it, he will most likely not hold onto it long. He easily could use it by WWE SummerSlam and insert himself into a match with a returning Brock Lesnar just to get the opportunity to prove himself. Regardless, Ambrose and Reigns being on the short list is both interesting and cool to see.

[IMG Credit: LatinPost, Bleacher Report]