Noooo! Woz eliminated from Dancing With The Stars (video)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz) has been eliminated from hit TV series Dancing With The Stars.

Woz wasn’t expected to have lasted as long as he did, and an injury along the way made his already suspect dancing skills worse.

Woz though wasn’t surprised by the result. “This is a great show, a great voting system even, and the right thing happens,” said Woz. His view of the judges though has been different throughout the competition, with Woz suggesting that the voting was rigged and that he had been treated unfairly.

Wozniak was one of two to go last night, with Playboy playmate Holly Madison also getting the boot. Steve O., who was also in the bottom three survived to dance another week.

Here’s the Woz exits Dancing With The Stars video: