Did Anna And Josh Duggar Know His Past Was About To Be Revealed?

By now, most people have heard about Josh Duggar allegedly molesting several of his sisters. The details vary a bit in different accounts, but it’s clear he’s been accused of fondling five females, who were between the ages of five and twelve, and that he has confessed. We also know that his wife, Anna, already knew about the molestations well before marrying him. What’s not clear, though, is whether Josh and Anna knew that the story was about to spill to the public.

Oddly, Josh Duggar, who was (until yesterday) a Family Research Council Executive Director, seemed to have gone social-media-silent in the few days before the announcement. Throughout the past month, Josh has tweeted and retweeted, many times per day, almost every day. The strange part is that he suddenly went silent two days before his crimes became public knowledge.

On May 19th, he tweeted half a dozen photos and comments about a Duggar special that was being filmed. Then, suddenly, nothing until late on the 21st, when he shared the family’s public response to the public release of his actions. Where were the anti-abortion and anti-gay memes in between? Did Josh know something was coming?

That’s not all, either. Anna’s Instagram might hint that she, too, knew a new Duggar scandal was about the brew.

A few days before the news became public, the Duggar wife shared this image.

Did Josh Duggar and wife Anna know the news was about to be public?

The three most beautiful and liberating words in the English language are these: “I forgive you.” -Lon Solomon

A coincidence, since forgiveness is a regular theme in Christianity, and in most families, or was Anna already addressing the news she knew was to come?

Like Josh Duggar, Anna has been silent on her social media accounts since the 19th, when she, too, tweeted about the upcoming Duggar special.

It’s a special that may never be aired — viewers are flooding TLC’s Facebook page, and, reportedly, email inboxes, with requests to cancel the show, as they did with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo when “Mama June” was reported to be dating a child molester. It’s key to note here that TLC canceled that show while Mama June was still denying the relationship, and in this case, Josh Duggar has fully admitted what he did — and Jim Bob and Michelle are still talking about how the series of molestations brought the family closer to God.

Obviously the Duggars were aware of the molestations themselves, but were they aware that the whole world was about to know? Did police notify Josh Duggar before releasing the report, perhaps?

Photo via: Josh Duggar Twitter