Anjelica Hadsell’s Cause Of Death Still Not Known

How did Anjelica Hadsell die? That question is still unanswered as the public and media continue their focus on Wesley Hadsell, her adoptive father. 10 WAVY News reports that Wesley has been indicted on various charges associated with AJ’s case, but none of which are necessarily related to her disappearance or death for the time being. Charges associated with unlawful possession of ammunition and four counts of obstructing justice were handed down as indictments during this week’s court appearance.

Hadsell was also indicted on statutory burglary — a charge stemming from an incident that ended in the discovery of the once-missing woman’s jacket. It’s unclear on how the jacket ended up in the home, but Wesley Hadsell admits to breaking into the home of a person he personally suspected in AJ’s disappearance. He claims he found the jacket there. However, this is after he lied during a live podcast, claiming that police investigators had found the jacket. News Channel 3 reported earlier this month that some of the charges against Hadsell had been dropped.

With all of the madness surrounding Wesley Hadsell’s obstruction charges, and the rampant speculation against him, authorities are still trying to figure out how Anjelica Hadsell died. An autopsy has already been performed, but apparently toxicology results still haven’t come in — or if they have, nobody is reporting on what the findings were. This is likely why authorities have had a hard time declaring this to be a homicide with complete certainty, but how did Anjelica end up where her body was found?

Anjelica’s body was found in tall grass outside a shed behind a rural home in Franklin, Virginia. The home was approximately 40 to 50 miles from the Hadsell home where Anjelica was last seen. Since the discovery over her remains, there have been very few reports regarding her cause of death and whether or not she was murdered. Also, authorities have been careful not to declare whether or not there are any suspects in her disappearance and death.

Was Anjelica Hadsell murdered? If so, who is responsible for her demise? This case continues to baffle the Norfolk community, along with the people across the country that have rallied for justice for Anjelica and her loved ones. Many people believe that Wesley Hadsell is somehow behind what happened to her, but authorities have not even charged him with any crimes associated with her disappearance or death.

[Photo: Hadsell family via Huffington Post]

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