Drake And Beyoncé Song ‘Can I’ Leaks Early Online — Listen To Different Versions Now

The song called “Can I,” featuring Drake and Beyoncé has leaked early online, and it sounds sort of hypnotic. This is especially true with Beyoncé repeatedly asking “Can I, baby?” in some unknown request “before I turn the lights out.”

Beyoncé’s collaboration with Drake on the “Can I” leaked song is being called sparse by Rolling Stone, which leads to the thinking that “Can I” wasn’t finished before it somehow leaked on the web. The NSFW version of the “Can I” song on Okayplayer sounds fuller and includes more lyrics and vocals than other versions of the leaked song appearing at other links.

Nevertheless, Beyoncé’s vocals on both versions steadily only feature her repeatedly singing “Can I?” and not much more. This fact has caused plenty of memes to already pop up on Twitter mocking that fact.

“Can I” is also being called seductive and minimalist, but there’s no way to know if Beyoncé and Drake planned to lay down more vocals prior to it being leaked, unless Beyoncé and Drake tell their fans that fact.

Bring it to the 6 where I really stay

Show you why I am the way I am

Tell you what I think my biggest flaw is

I try to be consistent but I can’t

Before I turn the lights out

Tell me who the f**** you want to be

The “Can I” song features a man rhyming about wanting to know more about a woman, since all they ever talk about is him. The lyrics talk about a man no longer being the boy that he was in past years.

Call or text you on the hotline

Sometimes a n**** want to hear your voice

You know me, I get too attached and I’m lonely

I’ve been in the north and it’s so so cold

Finally take the time and open up to you

Already, certain links to the Drake and Beyoncé “Can I” track have been removed online, such as the one linked to within a TIME? article published nine hours ago, at approximately noon ET on Thursday, May 21. However, plenty of other links to the leaked “Can I” song are appearing online, so the leak is like toothpaste that’s already left the tube.

Along with the “Can I” song’s leak, Beyoncé’s Derrick Rose “Bulls No. 1” swimsuit also made a big splash recently, as reported by the Inquisitr, when the superstar wore the custom made jersey swimming suit in her “Feeling Myself” video with Nicki Minaj.

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