Colin Kaepernick Makes Tasteless Joke About Texas Floods, Eventually Apologizes

A comment by Colin Kaepernick may go down as one of the most unnecessary and unwelcome commentaries on a natural disaster in recent history. The 49ers quarterback was taken to task over a social media comment about the fatal flooding in parts of Texas.

For whatever reason, Kaepernick thought this horrific situation called for sports-related trash talk. Colin posted an image to his Instagram account that showed dozens of cars trapped under very deep water. Beside the startling image was the caption “I warned you the #7tormsComing!”

The tweet by Kaepernick is puzzling as the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans aren’t in the same conference or division. There’s no rivalry that seems to explain the thinking behind the tasteless remark. Was the comment by Colin intended for Dallas fans? There is a history there, but Dallas is (for now) faring far better than Houston. However, officials aren’t sure how much longer they can hold off the threat of life-threatening floods.

With so much at stake, you would think that Colin Kaepernick would understand that his choice of comment, regardless of his intended target, was in terrible taste. It does seem that Kaepernick eventually realized that his brand of humor wasn’t well received. A few hours after the controversial Instagram post, Colin apologized via Twitter.

“I’m so sorry about my insensitive post earlier today,” wrote Kaepernick. “I didn’t fully understand how many people are struggling in Houston right now.” Colin Kaepernick also said that his “prayers are with everyone” in the affected area.

Colin Kaepernick may have made a truly tasteless remark about a natural disaster, but sadly his behavior isn’t unique. Whenever disaster strikes, you can always count on someone to do or say something unbelievably insensitive on social media. For example, Gap was criticized for a tweet made as Hurricane Sandy was devastating parts of the Eastern United States.

While the Gap tweet encouraged those affected by Hurricane Sandy to remain safe, it also mentioned the convenience of shopping through the store’s website.

Sometimes people make comments that seem funny or witty in writing, only to realize after the fact that their words are tacky at best or downright cruel at worst. While it’s hoped that Colin Kaepernick genuinely didn’t know the true extent of the situation in Houston, it’s doubtful that Texans will be taking the poorly-timed comment lightly.

What did you think of Colin Kaepernick’s “joke”? Do you believe his apology is sincere? Share your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]