Evette Reay Suspended For ‘Too-Short’ Dress — 30 Minutes Before Her Last Day Of High School

After four years of hard work in high school, Evette Reay put on a pretty dress to celebrate her last day. And the fashion choice got her suspended.

“I wanted to feel good about myself,” Reay explained to ABC 8. “I was fixing to be a woman in this world that was conquering anything.”

And there’s no doubt she could conquer anything. She has maintained a 3.9 GPA at West Side High in Dayton and earned enough college credits to enter Idaho State University — into its honors program, by the way — almost as a junior.


“She just fills me with pride,” her mom, Michelle, gushed to the Idaho State Journal. “She’s on the ball.”

Apparently one of her teachers, Legrand Leavitt, and the superintendent didn’t think so. Thirty minutes before the last bell rang, he informed Reay the pastel green frock she was wearing — a few inches above the “at-knee” requirement in the dress code — was too short. He ordered her to call her mother to bring her new clothes. The dress had already been approved by Michelle.

“I felt like I was being picked on. But it was (my) last day … I was thinking, ‘I’m graduating,’ that’s why I wore the dress. I wanted to feel good about myself.”

Conquering young lady that she is, she said no. Leavitt threatened to call the superintendent and to hold her diploma if need be, a move she called “out-of-line for the teacher.” But she obeyed. By the time she was off the phone, she was already suspended.

The teacher claimed the honor student got in his face and acted rudely.

“They took me to the extreme and (told me) you’re suspended. I realize I told you no, but after I talked to my … board member about that, he was like, ‘You had every right to say no.'”

But the cost was a suspension right before graduation. A board member will try to get that mark removed from her record. Naturally, her mom — who owns a clothing shop and raised Evette by herself — thought administrators singled her out. And Evette thinks the code is ridiculous.

“It’s 2015, we need to gear young people to go out into the world … (D)ress for success, but be … comfortable too.”

West Side administrators didn’t provide comment.

[Image courtesy of Yahoo!]