Josh Duggar Sex Scandal: Fans Call For ’19 Kids & Counting’ To Be Cancelled — Are The Duggars Done?

The Josh Duggar sex scandal is taking over the social media waves today, and it’s bringing about a lot of outrage. As news makes the rounds, fans are clamoring for TLC to cancel 19 Kids & Counting. With word that Josh Duggar sexually molested five minor girls, including some of his sisters, fans want the entire Duggar family off of the air.

The news first broke from InTouch Weekly that Josh Duggar, who was around 14-years-old at the time, allegedly molested five minor girls in 2002. TMZ later confirmed with police that Josh Duggar (now 27) fondled the genitals and breasts of the girls while some were sleeping, and others while interacting with him.

Another incident supposedly happened about nine months later, but police were not immediately contacted. The family dad, Jim Bob Duggar, met with church elders, who agreed Josh should be in a treatment program.

Michelle Duggar, the children’s mother, said it wasn’t a treatment center but somewhere that Josh went to do manual labor.

In 2006, Oprah Winfrey’s company, HARPO, received an email about the situation and the company forwarded the email to a hotline and a police investigation began. Jim Bob got a lawyer for Josh Duggar when police went to question him.

Now, fans are outraged, not only at the Josh Duggar sex scandal, but that the parents and rest of the Duggars never said anything. Fans are jumping on social media and letting TLC know that 19 Kids & Counting should be cancelled and the family taken off the air.

As of Thursday afternoon, TLC had said nothing about the Josh Duggar sex scandal except for “no comment.” Many believe that the network is going to end up cancelling 19 Kids & Counting, since Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was cancelled for a similar scandal.

The Josh Duggar sex scandal has rocked a community of people that have loved the Duggars, who always made it known they walked the ways of the Lord. The family this whole situation has brought them closer to God, but once TLC finishes with 19 Kids & Counting, it likely won’t bring them any more fans.

[Image via Facebook/TMZ]