Taylor Swift’s Management Force Users To Remove Music Leaks And Images That Portray Her Negatively

Taylor Swift’s management is making the “Beygency” look like saints lately. A new report is claiming that the “Taygency” isn’t taking kindly to Taylor Swift’s fans who share her content. In fact, they’re aggressively asking fans to remove any leaked music or images that portray the singer in a negative light.

A fan named Lucy dared to take on the Taygency when she shared a photo of Kendrick Lamar filming Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood.” She was asked to remove the image from Swift’s Taylor Nation team with a passive aggressive, “Thank you!”

This is not the only site that’s following the recent news of Tay’s aggressive management. A thread on ATRL has outlined the multiple attacks they received from Taylor Nation. It appears that the Taygency has been lurking on those forums, as they threatened the mods and had multiple posts deleted. They’re also taking it one step further by stalking users and finding out their daily internet activities. Not creepy at all.

ATRL isn’t the only that has receipts about this scandal. Celebrity gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t! also reported about Swift’s aggressive management team. It turns out that Taylor Nation is a group of Swifties who are out to protect her image.

“Originally, the Taylor Nation Twitter account would DM users asking them delete unreleased leaked content, such as links to her 1989 album or screenshots of her ‘Style’ video.”

Some believe that Taylor Swift isn’t involved with Taylor Nation. But there are some Swifties who believe that Swift is in total control of her management, which means she hired Taylor Nation to take down her own fans. Taylor Nation also has over 700,000 followers on Twitter and are account verified. They also run TaylorSwift.com, Taylor Connect, and Taylor Swift’s Tumblr blog.

The Taygency has also taken down numerous Instagram and Tumblr accounts that have shared videos and clips from Swift’s concerts. They also go as far as to stalk people’s Twitter accounts and accuse them of not being true Taylor Swift fans. Taylor Nation writes the threatening messages as if they’re Taylor Swift herself. Way to make your idol look bad in the eyes of her fans.



This isn’t the first time that Taylor has tried to protect her image. She threatened to sue an Esty user for selling a T-Shirt with the phrase, “This sick beat.” Taylor recently trademarked the phrase for her 1989 World Tour merchandise.

Taylor also cancelled a livestream of her Rock In Rio concert at the last minute, in order to protect her music. This quick decision left fans everywhere disappointed. Instead of apologizing, Taylor took to Tumblr to support the fans who defended her lofty move.

It seems like the singer has run a dictatorship over her image. Although Swift’s been commended for her business smarts, it looks like she made a big mistake this time around. Swift shouldn’t have hired obsessive fans to help protect her image. It also doesn’t help when Swift tries to sweeten her image and wins fans over by sending them gifts.

“It’s really not difficult. I know as soon as I say such a thing that it will make it a bit more difficult for other artists, because then they have to go on the Internet and get to know their fans more. Now I can afford it, I buy Christmas presents for my fans and I send gifts to my fans all over the world.”

In a recent interview with Glamour Germany, Taylor says that her relationship with her fans is completely healthy. She likes to build relationships with them on social media. It’s obvious, since Taylor has been spotted responding and supporting her fans on Instagram and Tumblr. Some would say that it’s really Taylor Nation who’s responding to her fans, since they have access to her account.

“Connecting to my fans keeps me mentally healthy, when I connect with individual fans it feels less overwhelming than if I connect with thousands of fans at a time. If you see these fans in groups then are millions. But if you see them as individuals it’s much cooler to do your job because then it really means something to you.”

It looks like it’s working, though, since Swift has inspired one of her super fans to lose over 400 pounds. She also helped Emily Beazley get through her battle with cancer. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 12, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Taylor Swift is too obsessed with perfecting her image? Do you think she should have her fans run her management? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Ethan Miller / Getty Images]