Rebel Wilson Reportedly Dating Comedian Mickey Gooch Jr. Amid Age Scandal

Rebel Wilson is just full of surprises lately. Not only did she allegedly lie about her real name and age, but she’s also dating a new guy. Rebel has been reportedly linked to comedian Mickey Gooch Jr.

Does that mean the Pitch Perfect 2 star is also off the market? An alleged source told Us Weekly that Wilson is dating comedian and actor Mickey Gooch Jr. The insider told the weekly tabloid that the couple met through mutual friends and “get along really well, they respect each other’s work.”

Rebel has been spotted spending a lot time with Mickey lately. The two have been making time for each other, despite their hectic schedules. Rebel and Mickey were photographed at a New York Rangers game at the Madison Square Garden over the weekend. She even shared a few photos of herself with the actor on social media.

"Just hanging on the Rangers bench during the break x Go New York x." (Credit: Rebel Wilson/Twitter)

Gooch also made an appearance at the premiere of Wilson’s latest movie, Pitch Perfect 2, earlier this month. Although Wilson is “too busy to date,” she’s been trying to get to know the actor. Not only is Wilson promoting her new film, she is also in the middle of filming a new comedy with Dakota Johnson.

“They get along really well, they respect each other’s work. She’s been too busy to date for a while, they’ve been texting often and they’ve been spending some time together in L.A. and New York.”

Rebel recently spoke to ELLE Australia about dating while having a busy schedule.

“You have to sacrifice relationships because you work, and now I travel all around the world. I’m constantly moving and constantly travelling and so it’s really hard to maintain a relationship in that kind of environment.”

Don’t expect the actress to talk about her love life though. She hasn’t commented about this new relationship, but it looks like she won’t either. In the interview, Wilson admits that she likes to keep some things in her life private.

“I keep that [part of my life] quiet. You have to have some private stuff, and so I’ve never flaunted anything or talked about anybody.”

This comes on the heels of Rebel Wilson’s age scandal. The actress allegedly lied about her real age and name, according to one of her old classmates. In Hollywood, it’s common to have a stage name and to lie about one’s age, but that hasn’t stopped Wilson from getting slammed by both fans and the media.

The classmate also alluded to the fact that the actress has a different persona from when she was younger. But that’s probably because people change over time.

Rebel did fire back about the reports that she lied about her age. She took to Twitter to make some casual jokes and reference her character Fat Amy from the Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 movies.

What are your thoughts on the dating rumors surrounding Rebel Wilson and Mickey Gooch Jr.? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]