Reality Star Kyle Richards Has Dinner With Kris Jenner & Boyfriend Corey Gamble

Reality star Kyle Richards stepped out in Los Angeles last night for a double date with her husband, Mauricio, and Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble. According to a May 21 report by Daily Mail Online, the foursome had dinner at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday, along with Faye Resnick.

As they exited the celebrity hotspot, the men and women posed for photos.

According to the site, reality star Kris Jenner goes way back with Resnick, as the two were both close friends of the late Nicole Brown Simpson.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, reality star Kyle Richards has had a busy couple of weeks, and if she’s planning to attend her niece’s, Brooke Brinson’s, weekend wedding, things are only going to get busier. Last week, the reality star was in New York City, where she attended the NBC Upfront, along with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump. Now, she may or may not be heading to Mexico to attend Brinson’s second wedding to husband Thayer Weiderhorn.

Earlier this year, Brandi Glanville hinted the reality star wouldn’t be invited to the wedding because of something that had happened at Brinson’s first wedding last August, which took place at Richards’ older sister’s, Kathy Hilton’s, home in Beverly Hills.

“Kyle, Kim never mentioned you not being welcome at Brooke’s wedding; she also didn’t mention what you did at Brooke’s first wedding that was unspeakable … Kim protected you and didn’t speak of it, so I won’t go into details now, but we all know it was unforgiveable (sic). You look unhinged. Throwing your crazy around where it doesn’t fit in, plus your weird, fake out-of-place ‘wah hhhh’ crying. Enough said.”

Defending herself against her fellow reality star’s claims, Richards denied having done anything wrong, and pointed out that Glanville, despite being a close friend of Brinson’s mother, was not at Brinson’s wedding, and therefore knows nothing.

“I did not do anything ‘unspeakable’ or ‘unforgivable’ at the wedding at Kathy’s house like Brandi has (once again) put out there. It was a beautiful, perfect day that Brandi Glanville is now trying to throw negativity on. She was NOT EVEN THERE.”

Reality star Richards has yet to announce whether or not she will attend Brinson’s wedding.

[Photo via Facebook]