46-Bedroom Mansion In Texas Is Actually A Dump — Buy ‘The Great Gatsby’ House Instead

Have 46 friends? That’s good — each one will be able to get his or her own bedroom in this colossal mansion in Texas. All you need is $3.5 million and a bit more cash just to actually make it livable.

That’s because this 46-bedroom mansion may look impressive from the outside, but it doesn’t have too much on the inside. The house wasn’t finished, and “pretty much everything” is needed to make it habitable, KULR reported.

It has never been occupied, but has some impressive stats — over 60,000 square feet, the aforementioned 46 bedrooms, 26 full bathrooms, a 9-car garage, indoor swimming pool, a spa, and an elevator.

“It’s probably more like 70 bedrooms,” Realtor Mona Miller told the Houston Chronicle.”They’re not completed, so it’s difficult to tell.”

In other words, round up more buddies.

This kind of luxury is usually reserved for pop stars and athletes, but it was actually built by a doctor and his wife all the way back in 2001, and has been vacant ever since.

The original intention wasn’t a mansion at all. The bedrooms were actually meant for patients, and the massive building and 15-acre complex around it were intended to be for a live-in rehab facility for the doctor’s patients.

While it was under construction, though, the couple decided to build another home on a lot nearby, ABC News added. Apparently, it’s identical, but a mini-version — only 30,000 square feet. There’s no zoning in the area, so the sky’s the limit for its potential, KTRK added.

So far, an assisted-living facility is taking a look at the property, since its vastness is really better suited to institutional use. But good luck to whoever buys it — the new owner will have to take it down to the shell and studs.


Perhaps instead, go over to Long Island and scoop up the home that inspired The Great Gatsby, BBC News reported. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in it with his wife and set most of his classic 1925 novel there.

You only need $3.8 million for this Mediterranean-style manor. Unfortunately, there are only seven bedrooms.

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