Windows 10 Coming To Xbox One After Summer

The release of Windows 10 is fast approaching, but when will the operating system land on the Xbox One? Xbox Head Phil Spencer gave a general idea of when the console will receive perhaps its most significant update yet.

Spencer is active on his XboxP3 Twitter handle, answering fan questions when he can. In this case, he responded to a question on when the Windows 10 beta for Xbox One will start.

Windows 10 is currently expected to be released to manufacturing sometime in June. That's a potentially lucrative time for Microsoft, as it puts the operating system out there in time for the back to school rush.

A late September or October release shouldn't be surprising, as the goal is to get the operating system ready for the PC first. Once that version is stabilized, the customizations needed for the console can be finalized.

As for the beta, that is in reference to the Xbox Preview Program. Members receive updates to their Xbox One console the month prior to its release to be tested in a more public setting. The program has worked well so far, by minimizing the number of issues when an update officially launches and by garnering feedback from the community on how new features can be improved.

Fable Legends (Xbox One, Windows 10)

To what extent Windows 10 will change the way the Xbox One operates is unknown at this time. We do know that the operating system is bringing features like the ability to cross-buy and cross-play with select titles between the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Fable Legends will be among the first games to support the ability for console and PC gamers to play together, but there will be more coming, such as the third-person MOBA Gigantic.

The ability to easily port Windows 10 applications to the Xbox One is potentially the biggest new feature, however. This will allow developers to create games and apps for the PC and move them over to the console with relatively minimal effort.

Whether Windows 10 on the Xbox One will change the console's user interface remains up in the air. The UI's layout and slow reaction times are frequent points of complaint. Perhaps we will see some of the changes coming during the E3 2015 Xbox press conference on Monday, June 23, at 12:30 p.m. ET / 9:30 a.m. ET.

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