Mackenzie Douthit Boob Job: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Addresses Surgery And Divorce Rumors

Teen Mom 3 was a short lived MTV show that included teen moms including Mackenzie Douthit-McKee. After the show ended, most of the girls have managed to stay out of the spotlight, but Mackenzie has always had a large fan base and managed to make it in the tabloids when big events in her life happened.

When on Teen Mom 3, Mackenzie Douthit-McKee had one son and was working on her relationship with Josh McKee. Now that the show has ended, Mackenzie has had another child (a daughter named Jaxie) and she and Josh married. While it may seem like the perfect life, there have been rumors that a divorce is looming. The rumors started swirling after Mackenzie wrecked her new (uninsured) car.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mackenzie was involved in an accident while out looking for her husband at night. Mackenzie, who has diabetes, blamed the crash on her high blood sugar. The couple had just recently purchased the car and had yet to insure it, so it turns out that Mackenzie is responsible for the damage totaling over $26,000. Perhaps that is why she is now reportedly asking people to fund her boob job.

Mackenzie is a small yet fit girl. Aside from having an extensive background in tumbling and cheerleading, she is now getting into fitness modeling and wants to enhance her bust to a full C cup. The surgery would cost the former reality show star $5,000 and she has reportedly picked Dr. Neal Handel from Beverly Hills to perform the surgery. While the internet was busy swirling with these rumors, Mackenzie took to Twitter to address them simply by saying, “not everything you read is true.”

The website in which Mackenzie Douthit-McKee is allegedly signed up on requires signing up before you can view or search for profiles. However, one blog has reportedly gathered screenshots from the website that seems to show that Mackenzie may indeed be on the site!

The screenshots shows a photo that is allegedly of Mackenzie holding a sign with the website’s name on it. There is also a shot of the write up, which mentions why she wants implants (to be more proportionate and to help her out in bikini competitions). It also shows the goal of $5,000. As of May 19, $100 had been raised.

In the past, Mackenzie Douthit-McKee has said that she would not get a book job simply because her husband wouldn’t approve. Some attributed the change of heart to the divorce rumors, but Mackenzie addressed those, too, on Twitter!

Teen Mom 3 was cancelled by MTV and will not be coming back. However, there could be more in store for Mackenzie Douthit-McKee as she is reportedly being managed by Farrah Abraham’s former manager.

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