Farrah Abraham Takes A Jab At Maci Bookout’s Parenting And Partying

Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout may both be on Teen Mom OG, but that doesn’t mean that they get along. In fact, the two reality show stars have strong feelings about one another and have been speaking their minds about one another on the most recent episodes of the hit MTV show.

After Amber Portwood opted to go to prison to turn her life around, the MTV show took a hiatus. During that time, Farrah ventured into the world of adult entertainment, releasing a sex tape as well as a line of adult toys. Maci Bookout was in talks to appear on a spin-off, but that never happened. Rather, the network decided to bring back Maci, Amber, and Catelynn Lowell for an all-new Teen Mom series titled OG. Farrah Abraham was not initially asked back, but that didn’t last long.

On a recent episode of the show, the girls’ reactions to the news of Farrah’s return was shown, and while they may not have been excited, Maci Bookout showed the most outspoken reaction. She threatened to quit the show, but later reconsidered and decided only to pull her son, Bentley, from filming on the same show as the adult film star.

In a new interview with InTouch (via Radar Online), Farrah Abraham took some jabs at Maci Bookout and even addressed the fact that Maci changed her mind about returning to the MTV show saying the Tennessee native had a “lying problem.”

“Maybe she thinks there’s so much attention on me that she needs some. I feel like she needs mental help. I would never let my daughter around parents like Maci.”

Farrah’s jab regarding not allowing her daughter, Sophia, around a parent like Maci could have been said because Maci said she doesn’t want her son on the same show as Farrah. Nevertheless, Farrah didn’t stop there and even addressed Maci’s partying and drinking.

“I don’t hang out with moms who have shared houses with partiers and had beer pong tables. I don’t condone that.”

Back in 2013, Maci Bookout took some heat from fans for allegedly taking Bentley to a party with her. Bentley was reportedly in another room playing video games while drinking, and drinking games took place in a separate area of the house.

The Teen Mom OG finale is coming up and MT has not yet revealed if there will indeed be another installment or if it will include the complete cast. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, though, Farrah Abraham and her mother will reportedly appear on a family version of VH1’s Couples Therapy later this year.

[Image: via Twitter]