First ‘Red Nose Day’ Has Star-Studded Support

NBC is trying to make Red Nose Day a thing in the United States, and it already has a star-studded line-up. Celebrities have banded together to encourage people to think about those in poverty. The charitable event has been a major part of UK culture, usually airing in February with people around the country sporting red noses in aid of the charity.

Kim Kardashian is just one celebrity to share her support for the charitable event. She is joined by two more reality show stars, Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to The Daily Mail.

Andy Cohen is encouraging people to buy the red noses in support of the first American Red Nose Day. It will air on Thursday night, and all proceeds are split between 12 organizations there to help children and young people in poverty. There are far more than people would like to admit, and Blake Shelton has said it is time to stop turning a blind eye to it, so he is definitely in support of Red Nose Day.

The event will last for three hours from 8p.m. on Thursday night on NBC. There will be a range of specially created shows and performances, mixed with stories of children and young people currently living in poverty. It will give people a chance to see where the proceeds from Red Nose Day will go and how they will help. One hundred celebrities will appear throughout the night.

Blake Shelton has seemed surprised that poverty is so close to his filming doors for The Voice, learning that a fifth of children live in poverty. According to Today, the country singer and vocal coach spent some time at the Children’s Health Fund mobile clinic in Los Angeles. It is just one of several around the country, offering vision screening, hearing tests, exams and much more. Patients only pay the amount they can, and the rest of the funding is through charity. Red Nose Day is supporting the units to ensure children get the medical help they need.

This will not be the first British program to reach the States, and there are debates over how successful it will be. While The Office did well, Graceland did not get the support that the British people gave it. There are hopes that enough Americans will join together to make Red Nose Day an annual event like it is in Britain, Australia and other parts of the world.

[Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images]