Spotify Adding New Features To Premium Membership

Spotify users who opt for the premium membership will see new features being added. One of those is the ability for the software to select tracks that match a listener’s running speed, making it much easier for a morning jog. There are other new features that may be coming to the software, including podcasts and video.

The premium membership costs just $10 per month. At the moment, it allows users to listen to virtually anything they want, wherever they want. There are no ads breaking up the music, and no limit on the number of skips people have when listening on mobile devices. Premium Spotify members also get the ability to listen to playlists without an internet connection, which makes listening on the go much easier.

Now, Spotify wants to become the number one place for all entertainment, whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The $10 per month will offer access to much more than just streaming music. Wired shares that it is moving towards offering video streaming, including original content and TV shows. Radio programs and podcasts are also expected to come with the new features.

Some of the new media being added include BBC Worldwide, The Nerdist and CBS Radio. This will offer a range of content for all different Spotify users.

iOS users will get access to the new Spotify features first. There is no confirmation on when the Android users will get access, but it should not be too long. There are also plans to introduce the app to set-top boxes.

The Next Web has reported that the roll out of the new features for premium users will start today. The UK, US, Germany and Sweden will be among the first customers to gain access, and then it will slowly be rolled out to the rest of the world.

Running fans and gym bunnies will be excited about the new feature. While the premium membership allows people to listen without having to put music on shuffle, there can still be tracks that do not quite work for the speed of training. Changing music is awkward and annoying. Spotify will change the music automatically, determining it on the running pace with a new buddy app.

The company continues to fight to be the number one contender when it comes to streaming music. While some high profile names have taken their music from the service, there are still many others around and now TV and radio are coming to Spotify.

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]