WWE News: Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Pushing To Feature Women More In WWE

Joe Burgett - Author

May 21 2015, Updated 6:42 a.m. ET

If you saw WWE NXT: Unstoppable, or any WWE NXT show for that matter, you see a lot of fantastic wrestling. What you’ll find in NXT that you won’t find on WWE’s main roster is how they treat their female talent. The matches with the women are amazing, not just for female matches but for a match as a whole. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks put on a five-star classic last night at Unstoppable, and many would say that wasn’t even the best female match NXT has done. That is a very cool thing.

So, why has the usage of females on the main roster not changed when NXT has proven the ladies can not only be featured, but execute when they’re there? The simple answer is Vince McMahon.

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According to Daily Wrestling News, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon really want to change things up and feature the ladies more. They notice how Ronda Rousey is the top draw in UFC, and realizes that UFC President Dana White never wanted to feature women in UFC. When he did, though, they became a huge part of the business — so much so that they main event PPVs now.

The two aren’t UFC fans, but they are big Rousey fans. They noticed her Sports Illustrated cover, which shows that times have changed and it is a different era in sports. So, WWE needs to jump on this in a major way.

Stephanie’s influence helps this out in WWE, as she wants to own a company, as well as run one, that features women far more. With her being an executive and both her and Triple H being on the board, they are obviously in a position to make things happen. Triple H wants the same thing his wife wants, as he sees the talent of the ladies in WWE. He is the reason they have been given time on WWE NXT, because if Vince McMahon ran NXT, we’d probably never see such a thing.

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That goes back to the point mentioned above on Vince being the problem. According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince still sees women in the role that they currently are on the main roster. Meanwhile, he was said to be blown away by the women when he went to his first NXT show. He was blown away as a whole by NXT, but he specifically liked the match with Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

On the road, NXT live events have featured women in the main event. They have delivered each time, which makes it fun to see them do things like that.

It is a different time, but it seems that despite being shown proof, the old man is still behind on the times. Triple H can control NXT, so he will push to feature the ladies there more, but once they reach the main roster, they are at at the mercy of Vinny Mac. With Triple H and Stephanie being groomed to take over the WWE one day, we will certainly see a different era when Vince is out. Vince even claims that he wants that to happen when he goes. However, as WWE claims, the future is now. So, why not try things now when there is a chance for him to see the error in his ways? It could happen, but it’ll take a lot of influence from Triple H and Stephanie.

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