WWE News: Samoa Joe Makes His Shocking WWE Debut At WWE NXT: Unstoppable

WWE NXT always delivers for wrestling fans, but at their takeover events, they do what can almost be seen as the impossible. They keep wrestling fans interested from beginning to end. The live specials are not only fun, they can be amazing. The show from WWE NXT: Unstoppable didn’t fail to live up to expectations with great matches and one amazing surprise.

Former TNA star Samoa Joe made his WWE NXT debut at WWE NXT: Unstoppable. As the Inquisitr reported last week, Samoa Joe was said to have met with Triple H and signed a deal to be with WWE for the next few years. Those rumors were obviously true as Joe debuted tonight. He came out at the end of the show, in a time when he was needed the most.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn for the NXT Title was the main event of the show, and it was a pretty good match. However, the match had to be called early when Zayn was “hurt” after a powerbomb to the side of the ring from Owens. Kevin wanted to finish off Zayn so he continued his assault, that was until Joe’s very similar TNA music started playing. All of the sudden, the Samoan Submission Machine came out to defend Zayn.

Owens attempted to leave the ring, but before he could, the two were face to face…nose to nose. Owens finally walked away. It was fantastic to see, and it was a great end to an already stellar show.

The rumor going into the night was that if Samoa Joe did show up, WWE would be teasing a rivalry between him and Owens. This is mainly due to the fact that a main event rivalry needs to happen with the departure of Zayn, which was already planned for before his injury due to the main roster call up.

It appears that we will be getting that rivalry, thankfully.

It also appears that WWE will be allowing Samoa Joe to keep his name. This is probably for the best, as his name is already popular across the world. WWE can do the same thing they did with CM Punk and allow Joe to use his name, but have him sign a deal to allow WWE to market the name under their banner.

He was in spectacular shape and even had a new shirt. The WWE NXT fans knew who Joe was for sure and his debut got an amazing pop. All in all, WWE NXT: Unstoppable was quite worthy of the time it was watched. Now that Samoa Joe is with WWE, one has to wonder what WWE will do with him after his rivalry with Kevin Owens.

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