February 8, 2020
Fitness Model Michie Peachie Works Her Back Muscles In Lavender Sports Bra And Matching Leggings

Fitness model Michie Peachie headed to the gym for a back workout in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a lavender sports bra and matching leggings, the brunette beauty started the workout with a set of lat pulldowns at a weight machine. She alternated the movement, pulling the weight with her right arm first and then her left. In the clip, Michie recommended doing four sets of 10-12 reps of this exercise.

In the next clip, she tackled lying barbell rows. For this exercise, Michie lay chest-down on a bench and allowed her upper body to hang off of one side. She held the barbell beneath her and pulled it toward her to complete one rep. Michie suggested doing the same number of reps and sets as she did in the previous video.

Low cable rows came next which required her to maintain a squatting position and pull the cable toward her midsection. Michie then moved on to doing landmine rows. This required her to stand over the weight with her body bent at the hips. She held the landmine bar with both hands and pulled it up from off the floor. Again, Michie recommended doing four sets of these at 10-12 reps each.

In the final clip of the series, Michie shared some extra advice for doing these exercises.

"The best tip I can give for doing rows is to keep your head up and try to keep your spine aligned," she said. "Try this routine and let me know what you think."

In the comments, fans expressed their admiration for Michie's form.

"Your squat is SO perfect," one fan wrote before adding a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

"I am really wondering how much you have energy," another added.

"Always with the killer workouts but...THE MUSIC THO!! Always top-notch," a third fan wrote.

And a fourth fan vouched for the effectiveness of the lat pulldowns that Michie included in the circuit.

"I've done that first movement for years and they are one of my favorite back movements," they wrote before suggesting that Michie could turn away from the machine to do the exercise "for a better stretch."

Michie showed off the gains that she's achieved from working out her back muscles and the rest of her body in a photo she posted to Instagram a day ago. In the shared snapshot, she rocked a minuscule red swimsuit.