Kimberly Caldwell Pregnant, Anticipating Baby Girl With Hubby Jordan Harvey

Kimberly Caldwell is pregnant, and has taken to Instagram with her first baby bump photo. Proud papa Jordan Harvey helped the American Idol finalist celebrate the 16th week of anticipation for their baby girl two weeks ago.

The seventh place finalist from American Idol‘s second season is expecting her new bundle of joy, who already has a name picked out for her. Harlow Monroe’s progress can clearly be seen in the photo and sonogram video Caldwell has posted on the social media website.

Yes, Harlow Monroe is the name that Caldwell has picked out for their upcoming first addition to the family.

In a confirmation to People Magazine, Caldwell revealed her upcoming baby girl.

“At 18 weeks along we are so overjoyed to be preparing for the arrival of our baby girl, Harlow Monroe Harvey.

Every day feels like a gift and is filled with overwhelming support and love from our family. We are so grateful to finally be past that grueling first trimester and loving rocking my bump. Just felt her moving around in there for the first time yesterday! It was pretty wild.”

Kimberly Caldwell’s pregnancy was first announced back on April 26, with a video of 15-week-old Harlow Monroe doing the dance of life in mommy’s belly. This is the second time this year the couple have had something to celebrate, having officially become a couple this past December in Palm Springs, California, according to Us Magazine.

The baby bump was released on Instagram May 4, showing the world a proud new mom-to-be posing with her baby girl right beneath her waiting hand.

This marks the American Idol alum’s second release with “No Regret,” the first of which was dropped April 19, 2011. Of course this time, the release comes with the help of proud daddy Jordan Harvey.

Are you excited about this latest development on Kimberly Caldwell’s pregnancy?

[Image via Valerie Macon / Getty Images]