Man Walks Woman On Dog Leash: Shocking Images of Leashed Woman With Man Inside Mall Go Viral

Wonders never cease when it comes to what you’ll see in public. In Staten Island, a man walked a woman on a dog leash inside a mall and it’s going around social media like wildfire.

In the photos seen here, the pink-haired woman is wearing a spiked collar with some heels and little bit of leather. She and her male companion are going about their strange business like it’s no big deal. The scene naturally shocked shoppers at Staten Island Mall when the leashed woman got on all fours and began acting like a dog.

The incident happened on Saturday, the NY Daily News reports.

In the image seen above, the woman is sitting up mimicking a begging stance while the man holding onto the dog leash leans against a railing. Furthermore, a mall security guard is seen talking with the man while the woman continues crouched down on the ground like a dog, sitting quietly ready for her next command.

The photos came from Victorkingnyc’s Instagram account, and were an immediate hit.

“Welcome to the Staten Island Mall!” wrote victorkingnyc.

Store clerks told the Daily News that the couple are regulars and that it was a publicity stunt of sorts. An employee with Zumiez clothing said that the pair is actually “normal.”

“They’re here all the time. They’re normal people.”

Woman on leash at Staten Island Mall. (victorkingnyc/Instagram) Woman on leash at Staten Island Mall. (victorkingnyc/Instagram)

An employee of Hot Topic — Kelsey — recognized the woman and knows her as a repeat customer.

“This is the only time I’ve seen the girl with a leash on like that. She shops here about once a month. She’s a nice customer.”

A video of the spectacle was also posted to Instagram of the woman dunking herself into a fountain… much in the same way a water-loving dog would.

There’s no real reason given behind this whole thing with the man walking a woman on a dog leash through a mall. Clearly, mall employees and security weren’t too worried about it.

Some people are exhibitionists and just like to see what kind of attention they can draw in. This couple pulled it off, and definitely got a lot of publicity. It’s nice to know that nothing malicious or unwilling on the part of the woman was being played out in public. SILive reports that numerous commenters argued about the jolting images that were either put out there as a prank or a run at getting on a reality show. Either way, it’s easy to see why a man walking a woman on a dog leash for all to see could be disturbing for an unsuspecting audience.

[Image via Victorkingnyc/Instagram]