OMG! Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Get Morphed, Fandom Goes Nuts

If you are a fan of Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson, you will be only too aware of the whole Larry Shipper debate and the Larry Stylinson “bromance.” If you don’t buy into that aspect of One Direction fandom, then put simply, fans have amalgamated Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s names to come up with the fictional Larry Stylinson. Many 1D fans reject the idea because it implies that Harry and Louis could be involved in a sexual relationship, rather than just being friends and band-mates.

Now, Yahoo! Celebrity is reporting that one 1D fan has taken the whole concept a step further and morphed Harry and Louis into one person using a piece of software called FaceFusion. The results are startling.


The result of the software morning of Harry and Louis has Louis’ jawline merged with Harry’s hair and forehead, and MTV reports that the artwork was created by a Tumblr user called Cassi, and calls on 1D fans to make some more face morphs. Maybe Harry and Niall Horan will be next up.

In other Harry Styles news, the 21-year-old heart-throb skipped out on partying with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift on Sunday after flying back from Las Vegas to L.A. alone after attending the Billboard music awards. Harry was the only member of One Direction to skip Taylor’s after show party. Harry’s pals Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne stayed on to party with Taylor, Ed Sheeran, and Calvin Harris. It seems that things could still be a little tense between Harry and Taylor.

The Mirror reports that Harry was almost unrecognisable when he popped out to a Beverly Hills cafe for lunch with some friends. Harry is renowned for his fashion sense, but rather than sporting his usual skinny jeans, he sported chunky “desert boots” under knee length Nike shorts and a hooded top. Harry had his hair swept back in a “man bun” and wore stylish sunglasses.

On Sunday, Harry and his One Direction band-mates scooped two Billboard awards. The band won the best touring band and best group awards. Incredibly, this takes the number of awards One Direction have won in just over four years to 166. Harry and his pals are currently on a break from their latest world tour, which resumes in Cardiff, Wales, on June 6. It is believed that Styles and his mates are using the break to work on their next album, the fifth and final album of their current deal with Simon Cowell’s SyCo.

After One Direction band-mate Zayn Malik quit the band back in March, there is a huge amount of speculation as to whether One Direction will continue after their deal runs out or whether they will split to pursue solo projects.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]