GTA V Story DLC Definitely On The Way, Says Take-Two

News of Grand Theft Auto V‘s earning call spread quickly yesterday as it was announced the newest installment of the staple video game series officially hit 52 million sales. While the figures were certainly impressive, and an achievement in an industry demanding higher and higher performance every day from it’s products, it was not the figures that captured the attention of the crowd and spurred heartbreak and anger across the web.

Analyst Doug Creutz with the Cowen group questioned the future of GTA V during the conference, raising the issue of potential story-based downloadable content, as had been suggested during a previous end-of-year conference back in 2014. Take-Two chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick took on the question and denied the possibility of story DLC, as well as denying the statement was ever made.

“We haven’t discussed any story-based downloadable content. We did talk about heists. We have different recollections.”

The statement made waves online, inciting mixed reactions from GTA V fans around the globe — many of whom were desperate to hear confirmation of plans to actively support the game in the future. However, despite the confusion and disappointment, Take-Two company president Karl Slatoff has confirmed that Zelnick misspoke, and there is indeed the potential for GTA V additional content in the near future.

“Rockstar Games plans to release more updates throughout the spring, holiday themed event updates and story mode content.We will have more to share about our unannounced fiscal 2015 releases in the coming months.”

While the news of no additional story DLC had initially hit hard, the circulation of Slatoff’s statement has certainly cleared up any doubt and all appears to be forgiven.

Interest in GTA V story DLC has been exacerbated by the recent release of the long-awaited online Heist expansion. The DLC was released one and half years later than planned. Despite it’s current popularity, the delays in its launch have left significant wounds in consumers’ once solid faith in Rockstar and Take-Two to continue to effectively support GTA in the coming years, and so the recount of Zelnick’s initial statement is welcome development in the story.

GTA V has been a smash hit title since the second it hit shelves in 2013. The game bagged multiple game of the year awards and set a new precedent for launch sales, the likes of which had rarely been seen in recent years. While Take-Two reported having suffered a decrease in revenue during 2015, the GTA V community continues to grow and maintain a stark dedication to not only this most recent installment, but the franchise as a whole.

[Image Credit: Rockstar Games]