Is Farrah Abraham Getting Fired From ‘Teen Mom OG?’

Farrah Abraham returned to Teen Mom OG last month after being left out of the MTV series originally. Although her series brought a ratings increase to the show right away, there has since been rumors, claiming she could soon be fired from the show.

On May 20, the Venture Capital Post reported news of Farrah Abraham’s possible exit. According to the site, Farrah Abraham’s return has not only prompted a petition requesting she be fired from the show, but also tons of drama with her co-stars — mainly Maci Bookout.

When Bookout signed on to appear on Teen Mom OG, she was told Farrah Abraham wouldn’t be a part of the show, so, when producers informed her that they had changed her mind and asked Abraham back, Bookout was furious. Right away, Bookout quit the series, but after speaking to producers, she was convinced to return. Still, she didn’t want her son associated with Abraham, who had a booming career in the adult entertainment industry, and restricted him from being filmed for the remainder of the season.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Farrah Abraham and Bookout’s feud has been ongoing since Bookout’s brief exit. Earlier this month, in a Teen Mom OG clip on Us Weekly, Abraham labeled Bookout a “piece of s—.”

“It’s been six years. I’m in a way different place, I’m in a way better place. She’s in the same place she was in six years ago. Why would I be offended? I think it’s just as easy to not work with a fake, f—ed up, piece of s— person. I’ve dealt with too much stupid s— for the last couple of years and I don’t have time for it. I don’t have time to defend myself because I know what I hear is ignorance.”

Farrah Abraham went on to defend her career choices, which include an adult film, a line of adult toys, and a series of erotic novels, claiming she’s not an actual porn star.

“It’s not about porn because if I was really a porn person, then I would have a porn name, like Candy Willow, featuring Ryan [Edwards] her ex-boyfriend who probably looks at my backdoor.”

Later in the clip, Farrah Abraham alleged Bookout only agreed to return to the show because she needed the money.

“It must be hard to be fake. She must need the money.”

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