‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Brady Toops Speaks Out On Meeting Britt Nilsson

Meeting Britt Nilsson on night one of filming The Bachelorette was a big moment for Nashville singer-songwriter Brady Toops. As viewers saw on night two of the two-night season premiere, Brady had very strong feelings for Britt, so strong that he eliminated himself from the competition after it was announced that Britt was going home after more of the men had voted for Kaitlyn Bristowe to stay on as the Bachelorette.

So, are Britt and Brady actually together now? As the premiere aired, Brady revealed some thoughts via his Twitter account. While he didn’t reveal the current state of his relationship with Britt, he did talk about the moment he met her.

Brady admitted that he never felt more nervous than he has ever been upon meeting Britt. He posted a snapshot of the exact moment that he and Britt talked and held hands for the first time.


Brady also retweeted a tweet from Kaitlyn proclaiming her admiration for Brady for following his heart rather than staying just for the sake of staying. It was during Kaitlyn’s first rose ceremony that Brady interrupted her to say that his heart was with Britt. The episode ended with Brady knocking on Britt’s hotel room door.


Brady Toops watched Britt Nilsson during her appearance on Jimmey Kimmel Live! after Tuesday night’s The Bachelorette episode.


During her interview, Britt was asked about Brady. She revealed that viewers will actually see more of her on next week’s episode, including what happened when she opened the door to Brady.

“He comes to my door and I was very surprised. It will be on the show next week.”

While Britt wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag when it comes to where she stands now with Brady, she did say that what Brady did was pretty slick.

“It is pretty smooth. It was very gentlemanly. I thought it was sweet.”

On Thursday, Us Weekly reported that the two are still dating.

Whether or not she’s really dating Brady Toops, Britt is now okay with how her run on The Bachelorette turned out. Early Wednesday morning, Britt posted a lengthy Instagram message in which she admitted that she may always be a tiny bit jealous of Kaitlyn but believes that Kaitlyn was meant to be the Bachelorette.

“I may always be a tiny bit ‘jealous’ (get it?) since I’m humanbut @kaitlynbristowe is one of the coolest, funniest, most genuine, and awesome women on the planet. We didn’t choose to compete so i don’t hold anything against her! We were in this together, and this was obviously supposed to be her journey right now, so am truly happy for her and want everyone to know how much she deserves it! I have come to know her, to respect her, and enjoy her so much! Cannot wait to watch this season of#thebachelorette. You will be such an epic wife and mom. So happy I can finally congratulate you out loud! Love you! #teamkaitlyn get yo man girrrrl.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kaitlyn Bristowe admitted that upon learning that she would have to compete with Britt Nilsson and filming the first night, she frequently thought about quitting.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]