’19 Kids And Counting’: The Story Of Josie Duggar [Video]

The youngest daughter of 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is certainly a miracle child. Having endured many medical problems in her short five year life, the latest issue prompted a look at Josie’s amazing journey from premature birth to present.

Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born on December 10, 2009 at only 25 weeks gestation. The tiniest 19 Kids and Counting star weighed a scant one pound and six ounces. According to the Duggar Family Blog,Josie was born by emergency C-section due to Michelle’s struggle with preeclampsia, a condition which causes very high blood pressure.

Josie, whose birth order is number 19 out of 19 kids, spent the first part of her life in the NICU at Little Rock’s University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Since the NICU was 200 miles away from the Duggar home, Josie’s parents and all 18 kids relocated to Little Rock until the time when Josie could go home with them. The following is a clip from 19 Kids and Counting which shows Josie’s progress at around six to seven weeks of age.

Mom Michelle Duggar was so proud of the way her kids handled Josie’s time in the NICU.

“Even though you wouldn’t choose to go through the hard times, I’ve seen a lot of good things. I’ve just seen my children do things just because they know that they’re needed at this time even more than ever before. That’s precious; I praise them for that.”

After four months, Josie was able to go home to her family. Unfortunately, the bliss lasted only a couple days before the youngest of the Duggar kids was rushed back to the hospital due to stomach issues. Adding to that, she also had hernias and digestive tract issues, but the littlest 19 Kids and Counting star did not let that stop her. NICU doctor Arringtion had this to say about Josie’s health.

“[Josie’s] eyes and brain appear perfectly normal. She escaped lung injury on the ventilator. Without her current issues, her story’s a fairytale.”

Fast forward five years, and Josie is doing very well. The latest issue the 19 Kids and Counting cutie is facing is a possible seizure disorder. In the following 19 Kids and Counting clip, the Duggar family reacts to their sister’s sudden seizure as paramedics arrive to care for her.

Thankfully, it seems that the episodes are febrile seizures, which only occur during a fever. People reports that Jim Bob Duggar believes she will grow out of the seizures.

“All of Josie’s seizures have happened around a fever – normally an ear infection. Typically, children will outgrow these by the time they’re 10. So, hopefully, she will just get bigger and stronger and outgrow it.”

Josie has returned home from the hospital to be surrounded by her loving 19 Kids and Counting family. Though her journey has not been easy, Josie is a trooper and continues to improve.

[Image via Tumblr]