The First Lady Pumps Iron – Michelle Obama’s ‘Gimme Five’ Fitness Challenge Unveiled On Twitter

It appears the First Lady has a workout routine more strenuous than the President. As part of her #GivemeFive fitness campaign that debuted earlier this year, Michelle Obama tweeted a video of five exercises that she wants her followers to try.


The video is a quick one, which shows Mrs. Obama doing various, seemingly simple exercises like skipping, boxing, jump-step, and sit-ups. However, the most intense workout within the short clip is undeniably the one where she pumps heavy dumbbells with her back firmly rested.

The video proves that the First Lady is quite hardcore when it comes to fitness and doesn’t slack around. In the short clip, Mrs. Obama made it clear that this was made in response to her husband and President Barack Obama’s “Gimme Five” clip, which by comparison is much tamer in tone.


In the shot for Mr. President, Barrack Obama ends with “Gimme five, FLOTUS-style.” Interestingly, the video wasn’t exactly a fitness challenge and was intended to be more of a humorous jab. But it certainly inspired Michelle in unveiling what exercises she actually does, much unlike the President who along with Joe Biden, the vice president, briefly jogs between meetings and drinks water.

Though the President’s video might be humorous, he did suggest healthier eating practices like filling half our plates with fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing consumption of high-protein foods, which are fried. Additionally, the President has cultivated a habit working on the go. Holding meetings and discussions while talking instead of sitting down does allow our bodies to remain active, beating the sedentary lifestyle.

According to the President, such activities may qualify as a fitness regime, but Michelle shows what a real fitness routine looks like replete with dumbbells.

The Gimme Five campaign is a small component of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign that has been going on for five consecutive years now, which urges American citizens to adopt an active lifestyle, which would surely address multiple lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, etc. Her intense workout includes much more than jumping rope, the medicine ball, and boxing bags. The official White House trainer is seen giving out advice too.

Through the approach, Ms. Obama is hoping that others will share their five ways of keeping fit and may spark a fitness trend in a nation that once was the world’s most obese nation.

Interestingly, there’s another challenge that was released about a month ago by the First Lady, but that was aimed at promoting healthy eating habits.

[Image Credit | Win McNamee/Getty Images]